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Your links to success.

If you are motivated then you want to do something and it drives you to get up in the morning and start reading class notes or business articles or to go to work that morning.

What is it that motivates you?

In the case of going to class, you may be motivated by a need to understand the subject so that you do well in the assessments or keep your parents happy! For the person going to work you may be motivated to do well for the satisfaction of doing your job well, to make your customers or your boss happy or for the money too and all that you can do with that.

The effort you put in should be worth the reward or benefit you receive whether that is money or simply someone saying ‘well done’. These are all powerful motivators.

In some cases, there may be many smaller stages to your motivation all linked together to combine to motivate you to do something. For example, a list of linked extrinsic (external) motivators may be that you are motivated to do something…

Because you want to improve your knowledge of a subject…

  • So that you can do a better job…
  • So that you have a better chance of getting promoted…
  • So that you get more salary…
  • So that you can buy that car you want.


MotivateYour motivation for doing a course in hair colouring could be so that you can get a better car!

Success in one area = getting what you want in another!

You can see that there are many different possible motivations to do something and people will not all have the same motivators.

Do it nowDo it NOW!

Think about what motivates you;

Look ahead and decide what you want to achieve and why;

Plan the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

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