What are you made of

We are all faced with a world of Facebook images, Instagram smiles and awesome Tweets, but do they really show what you are made of or are they simply a mask, a convenient cover for the real feelings and real experiences you are carrying inside of yourself.

You may have many friends and colleagues, but never really know any of them and, in turn, they may not really know you. They may see your amazing images, smiles, witty comments and fun outings, but these are only minute snapshots of a carefully selected and choreographed life you want them to see. The true reality may be very different.

It takes time to get to know someone and it takes time for someone to really get to know you. Getting to really know someone, takes effort. Simply clicking on a ‘like’ button does not mean you know someone or even like what they posted for that matter.

So, what are you really made of?

Only you can answer this, but in this world of instant friends and electronic lives many of us do not take the time to really think about what is really inside us – so here is some help.

Imagine squeezing an orange – what comes out of it into a glass…orange right?

What comes out of a lemon if it is squeezed…lemon right? And, no matter how much you try you will not get anything else out of it.

So, how about you?

What comes out of your most inner depths if you are put under pressure (squeezed)?what is inside you

  • Anger?
  • Fear?
  • Hate?
  • Jealousy?
  • Laughter?
  • Love?
  • Compassion?
  • Sadness?
  • Depression?
  • Regret?

Think hard about what is really inside of you? Is it destructive? Is it eating you from the inside out or is it strengthening you and those around you?

If you are harboring destructive or negative thoughts and feelings inside you then you should realize that those thoughts are doing more harm to you than anyone you may hope to cause suffering to.

Hate, anger, jealousy all create acids within your body which eat away at your internals, causing sickness and suffering to your body and mind.

Recent research has shown that you are not tied to your genetic make-up and you can change your body and the type of cells that grow within you. This means that your destiny is not tied to your biological parents or relations. You are effectively a giant petri-dish with your cells freely forming in the fluids that flow through your body. And what controls the makeup of those fluids – you do!

Stress creates a hostile and negative environment which causes cells to develop into cancers and other illnesses. Hate, anger, fear, worry, and general negativity all have a hugely negative effect on the way your body functions causing toxic fluids for your cells to develop in.

The best way to take care of yourself and those around you is to remove this toxicity from your bodyby being positive, and letting go of negatives such as anger, hate and stress and enjoying the good fortunes of yourself and others.

Think about the people you know, those who are happy also tend to be healthy. They hardly ever get ill, and always appear to be full of energy and fun. Much of this is because they do mot allow hate, anger or stress to poisin their bodies. This does not mean that they do not feel angry or stressed but the do have ways of letting it go and not internalising it, and if they can live like that you can too.

Do it now

Understand that the way you act and react to the inputs from the world around you are all your personal choice. 

Know that people cannot make decisions for you, it is your choice to listen; to get angry; to worry, not theirs so take full responsibility for the way you feel and don’t blame it on others. 

Think about what is really inside you – recognize the negatives you may be carrying around within you and understand that they are poisoning your body – this is the first step to understanding how important it is to remove them.

Identify the things that may be poisoning you and begin to remove them from your life.

If you cannot remove them then minimize contact, or change the way you view them – turn them into positives.

Don’t simply remove the negatives that may be poising you, that will leave a vacuum which will easily be filled with the same bad habit. Instead you need to replace negatives with a positive action leaving no place for that negative poison to sneak back in!

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Don’t short change yourself – be amazing!

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