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The Purpose of Life

We are generally taught that there is some purpose in life. There are no specifics, there are just underlying hints that we should have some higher purpose, some legacy to leave or some mark to make and that we should spend our lives striving to achieve this.

But, what if there is no great purpose to life, what happens then?

A life without purpose may not be as much of a disaster as you think. It could even be the start of something big. It could mean the end of chasing non-existent dreams, of endlessly searching for a ‘higher purpose’ and always looking ahead for more but never getting there. It could be the end of that uncomfortable ‘unfulfilled’ feeling you have always had.

be happyThe Dalai Lama  said that “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” This suggests that simply making the most of every moment may be the real purpose of life – appreciating what you have right now; making the most of every day and everything you have. Rather than spending your life searching for some elusive meaning but never finding it.

The German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche also said that human existence does not have any real meaning and believed that it was up to you to find a meaning that aligned with your own reason and aspiration (Quora).

Whilst this may strike horror into the hearts of some people, there are some advantages to this way of thinking. It means that you can now spend time enjoying the moment you are in, rather than looking for some distant thing that you imagine should be there.

Living a life without the need to search for a higher meaning or purpose means that you can be free to live your life today, making the most of every moment as it comes along not wishing for or wanting more. 

There is nothing wrong with having the drive to do well and achieve a lot during your life but it does help you to concentrate on making the most of what you already have. Being relaxed and happy with who you are right now will give you the energy and confidence to do more with your life. No more time spent chasing an uncomfortable ‘itch’ and more time making the most of what you have.


Some of the other advantages of accepting that you are not destined to change the world are:

1. Not feeling the need to search for some elusive higher meaning to life and simply making the most of what you have now is instantly achievable. It is not some imagined hidden thing that you need to spend your life searching for. It is something that is achievable every single day.

2. Believing that you have no greater purpose in life than to ensure that you make the most of each day will prevent you from spending time worrying about things in your life. This is because worry is destructive, it achieves nothing positive and can become a life-consuming cycle which only serves to prevent you from making the most out of your current day.

3. This thought process will help to stop you living in the past. Spending hours looking back over your past life events, regrets, love, happiness, losses, and gains achieves nothing. The past is the past and that is where it stays. Mulling over your past simply prevents you from making the most of your life right now. How can you enjoy today when you are living in the past?

Looking back to find ways to make improvements is something that should be encouraged but it is only useful for that reason and nothing more.

4. Appreciating what you have now will prevent you from looking to the future and making excuses for not doing something right now i.e. I’ll do it when – I have more money; when I have found love; when I have a job etc.

Realizing that your simple purpose in life is to make the most of what you already have will help you to focus your mind on what you can do today rather than waiting for some time or something in the future that may never happen.

Looking forward and making plans is often a good idea but it is not useful when a large amount of time is spent planning in detail for something that may never happen or when used as an excuse for not doing something now.


The fact that life does not have any meaning is not as bad as it seems, as in addition to the advantages listed above it also means that you are not tied to one purpose. It means that you have total freedom over what you make of your own life. You have the power to decide for yourself what gives your life meaning.

All you have to do to have a great life full of meaning is to simply remember to be ‘Happy every day’.

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