Success – What is holding you back? 

Do you want to learn something but never seem to get round to it? Do you want to gain a new skill but can never find the time? Have you always wanted to get a degree but never feel you are good enough?

The problem is that you may have good intentions, but you just can’t seem to find out what is holding you back.


Procrastination is “to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring”

In their article about overcoming procrastination, Psychology Today links procrastination to a process of task aversion. This happens when people think that a task will be difficult, boring or even painful, and as a result will delay or avoid it.

This often happens when people ‘say’ they want to do something, but deep down they have a fear of failure or having to work hard which is stopping them from even starting the process. This is often caused by feelings or thoughts that they are not aware of.

In an earlier post ‘How to make learning easier, we explained how your sub-conscious mind automatically controls much of what you do. It provides you with automated reactions to most of the situations in your daily life, which is really useful as your ‘auto-pilot’ mode allows you to carry out regular day-to-day operations without using up too much brain power but…

There are times when these automated processes may not always be helpful and this is where you need to step in and take control. 

thinkingA Clever person is aware of the thoughts, opinions and ideas that are being produced within their subconscious mind. This awareness means that they are able to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each decision they make.

The problem is that most of us do not even know that we are operating on auto-pilot and that other options may be available to us. 

Being conscious of your thoughts and feelings means that you are able to adapt and adjust them to each situation rather than being taken over by your pre-programmed auto-responses.

Having a better understanding of yourself will enable you to identify what is holding you back and how to overcome it.

Identifying any negative or self-defeating ‘auto-responses’ you may have developed in your subconscious, means that you can take control of how you feel about things and react to them. You can even start to look for positives in a previously negative situation.

Thinking about your reactions and looking for alternatives will help to train your subconscious brain to look out for positives and new opportunities rather than keeping to the old restrictive thoughts. Once this new approach becomes automated (a new positive habit) then all things become possible.

Successful people make a habit of being positive. They see obstacles as challenges and set out to overcome them. They know their own mind and are able to make sure the best outcome can be achieved from any situation.

If you can combine this positive mind with persistence you will be unstoppable.

Successful people are not lucky, or necessarily talented, but they are willing to take chances, they do know how to stay positive and they remain motivated until the final goal is achieved.

Do it nowDo It Now!

Be aware of your actions and reactions to situations. These may be deep rooted auto-responses that may have been appropriate at one time, but there is a good chance that the situation has changed and they need updating or replacing.

I never liked it. It will be awful. I can’t do it. I’m not Clever enough.

These are typical auto-responses coming from your sub-conscious mind that can be changed once you are aware of them.

Take time to workout what is really holding you back. It may be easy to say ‘I’m too tired today‘ but is that really the truth or is it just another avoidance tactic?

Perhaps it is a fear of being different or of failure that is the real reason that is stopping you.

Start thinking of how good you will feel when you have achieved your goal. Think about the pleasure, excitement and feeling of success. This will help to motivate you.

Do not think of the entire journey and all its difficulties. Always remember that everything happens one step at a time, one success at a time, not all at once.

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