Strengthening your links to success

You may want to achieve one main aim or goal but for many people, their motivation to do something can actually be rather complex. Often peoples’ motivation to do something is made up of many ‘mini-motivators’, where one motivator relies on another each making a path to your final goal and success!

If the links are weak then the chain can easily break and your broken linksmotivation to keep going may be lost causing you to give up.

For example, you are working hard because you want to be promoted but someone else gets promoted instead of you. One of the links in your chain of ‘mini-motivators’ breaks and your motivation for doing well and working hard collapses.

You may start with strong levels of motivation but because the links are actually quite weak as soon as the learning starts to get tough your path to success weakens and you start to lose motivation. Next, your concentration drops and you are not motivated to study or practice properly and you may eventually give up or fail.

Without the proper motivation, learning becomes more difficult. This is why it is very important to really work at identifying your motivators and to know why you are doing something and how it will benefit you.

A successful person will always have strong links between where they are and where they want to be. They will often have many reasons why they are doing something which is why they will continue learning and working hard when others drop out.

Having multiple reasons to do something means that if one link in the chain is lost there are other motivators to get you out of bed in the morning and revising for that exam and be successful!

When I asked potential learners why they wanted to enroll on a University course many responded:

  • “My parents told me it would be good for me;”

  • “My friends are doing it;”

  • “I don’t know really, I like the campus”

Do you think these learners will have the motivation to get the best out of the course?  Of course not!

Unless they can find their own motivation to do well on the course they will at best be an average student -if they pass. What a tragic waste of all that learning potential!

Teachers and trainers always make it clear why the information they are going to cover in their session is important and how it will help you but the main motivation to listen, learn and practice must come from you because it is you that will have to put in the effort and do the work.

Do it nowDo it NOW!

Spend some time to find your own motivators to do something;

Work at building and strengthening your motivation;

Keep reminding yourself of why you want to do something and all the good things it will bring you;

Practice staying focused and don’t allow things to distract you.

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