1936 Rolls Royce 20/25

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1936 Rolls Royce 20/25

1936 Rolls Royce 20/25

When restoring an old vehicle whether it is an old car, motorcycle, steam engine, or truck having the motivation to keep going is all important. We have seen time and time again half finished projects or abandoned cars with their engines out and plenty of spares around them but mysteriously left to rot.

Some good intentions were there at sometime to restore these pieces but as so often happens somewhere along the line the motivation to keep going is lost.

Why do some projects stop?


MG TC in progress.

Most often it is a case of people biting off more than they can chew. This means that they think that the can do something but because they have not thought it through properly or planned out how long a task will take or how much it will cost they start but soon realise that they cannot continue or they get disheartened when something goes wrong or is taking longer than they expected and give-up.

The lesson for restoring old cars is the same as for taking on any task. It is vital that you know exactly what is involved before you start. Find out how much it will cost, how long things will take and also prepare for additional problems.

You also need know your own limits and that means that you need to know the limits or your own ability and knowledge, some things often look easy but quickly become more complex as you start to do it yourself. You also need to consider the impact on your time and your money as you will lose this if you find you have overstretched yourself and eventually have to give up.

Restoring an old vehicle can be a great source of fun, satisfaction and pride as a rusty wreck is rolled into a garage


MG TC completed.

and a shiny thoroughbred is rolled out. Take each step one at a time and enjoy the fact that each part cleaned and painted is a small successful step towards you finally driving your vehicle down the road and you will enjoy the restoration process as much as driving the vehicle once it is completed

…and then you will want to do another one!


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