Roadblocks to learning

What is stopping you from Learning?

 road networkIn our Clever Article,  Quick-learning-how-to-make-learning-easier-and-grow-your-brain/ we spoke about your brain function being similar to a busy road system where the traffic flows freely around the brain instead of the city.

Now imagine what happens when we start to add junctions to these busy roads. The traffic starts to build up as people stop at red traffic lights. Vehicles slow down as people work out which is the best way to go – the traffic slows and the queues begin to form.

This is what happens in your brain when doubt, fear, and confusion are allowed to move in. They restrict the flow of thoughts and ideas causing mental roadblocks and confusion.

Confusion sends thoughts and ideas in the wrong direction. Self-doubt and worry keep the traffic going round and round in circles as you go over the same “what if” scenarios. Fear acts like roadblock stopping the flow of traffic altogether.Mental block

You have no chance of making any positive progress against this lot! And you are doing it all to yourself!

Worry over what other people think, self-doubt about your abilities and Fear of failure will work together to stop you from even starting the very thing that could lead you to what you are looking for.

It is vitally important that you understand this process, and recognise the roadblocks forming in your mind so that you can prevent them from stopping your flow of positive energy and ideas even before you have even moved a muscle.

Continued use of negativity, doubt, worry, and fear will eventually clog up your brain stopping the flow of traffic. And even worse, due to a lack of use, your brain will begin to wither as its connections begin to fall apart through a lack of use and eventually shrivel and die.

Sadly, some scientists suggest that your brain is already shriveled. With some suggesting that the average brain is around 75% underused. This means that by simply removing these roadblocks, you have the potential to be 75% more Clever than you are now. That means you could understand 75% more of the world and everything that surrounds you. You could be 75% better at learning and your life could be 75% better than it is right now.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you were 75% more successful!

Do it nowDo-It-Now

By simply being aware of your negative thoughts you can start changing them for something more positive and helpful.

You need to start by being more aware of your own worries, doubts, and fears.

Listen to the language you use, and how often you use negative or self-doubting words such as, “I couldn’t do that”, I’m not good enough’, ’It’s too difficult’, ‘I would have no chance!’, ‘It’s not for me’.

Listen to others, and how they express their negativity. Get used to maintaining an awareness of the blockages in others, so that you can become more aware of your own.

Begin to change your negatives to positives such as, ‘I can do it’. 

Start to give things a try, rather than convincing yourself you cannot do something – you may find that you are good at it, and your self-doubt has been stopping you all the time.

If you do try something, please remember that you really must try it to the full, and do not allow your nagging worries, and fears, to creep back in and ruin it for you.

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