Finding Motivation – How will this be good for me?

When you are planning to learn something you must identify how it will benefit you. You need to list as many positive reasons for doing something as you can – be creative don’t just think of the short-term try to think of as many benefits as possible.

If you cannot think of any benefits to learning then you are not trying hard enough. All learning is beneficial in some way.

Some reasons to do something may be about making others happy or proud of what you are doing but the majority of reasons should be about yourself and understanding how it will benefit you. This is important because it is you that is going to be doing the learning, no one else.

Some examples of extrinsic (external) motivators are:

  • It will help me get a job / promoted;
  • It will help me to get to university;
  • I will get a salary increase;
  • I will be able to do things more efficiently.

Some examples of extrinsic (external) motivators are:

  • My family will be happy with my success;
  • It will make me feel good when I pass;
  • I enjoy the challenge;
  • I like learning and developing myself;
  • Success, makes me feel good;
  • I will be so excited when I can actually do this.

“You must make as many motivating links as possible to where you are now and where you want to be”.

The more positive benefits to you can link to the activity the more chance you have of being successful. 

Keep reminding yourself of the reasons for doing something by putting a list of them somewhere where you will see them every day. This will help you to keep those motivations strong and real.

You may need to remind yourself of them when you come to the difficult parts!

Perhaps you have been told you must go on a course by your manager or because you have been told to by your parents or teacher. You still need to work on finding positives to motivate you.

Possible motivators for learning something you are told to may be:

  • No learning is ever wasted;
  • Every chance I have I flex my brain muscle it gets stronger – which is good for me;
  • I don’t think that it is important to learn this – but I may be wrong;
  • I will get to meet more people and could learn from them;
  • I could learn tips on ‘how to present’ just from watching what I do and don’t like;
  • My manager will be happy that I go on the course and do well – I could get a promotion.
  • No one else is interested in this subject – I have the chance to become the specialist in this area.

These are all good motivators for any list not just for those being made to do something.

Learning is never wasted so work on finding the right motivators for you and reach your full potential by making the most of EVERY opportunity.

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