be positive

Make room for the positives in your life.

A Clever story for those of us that keep talking about the problems they had during the day or the bad things their life…

“Two monks were walking alongside a river. One was an old wise monk and the other a newer initiate.woman at river

They came to the rivers edge where they heard a woman crying.

They ventured closer to see what the problem was and when she saw them she said that she needed to get to the other side to see her family but dared not cross the river as she was worried that she may drown.

The monks had taken solemn vows not to touch a woman but the older monk went over to the woman, picked her up and carried her across the river.

Putting her down on the other side of the river he returned and continued on his way.

As they walked along the younger monk continually berated the older monk for breaking his vows and as they continued along the road he kept on asking why he carried the woman and what did he think he was doing. He wanted to know what he would say to others about it and how could he continue as a revered monk.

Eventually the older monk stopped and turning to the younger monk asked him “why are you still carrying her in your mind when I let her go on the other side of the river?”

I apologize to whoever told me this or where it originated from, but I was told this story a long time ago, and it stuck with me. I probably never knew its source and I am sure that someone can help me with this in the comments.

I used to moan a lot about life. About not being able to find a parking space, my job, colleagues, the weather etc. I carried them around with me all day at work and then carried them home with me at the end of the day.

How many of you also do that?

What does it change?

How does it improve your life?

The only thing this achieves is to share unhappiness and misery, so stop wasting time on the negatives and make room for the positives in your life and share them with just as much energy.

Author CW. Main image: Pixabay jill 1 11

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