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Job Interviews Top Tip

Following on from our Clever Contributor and Career Development Professional, Terry Charles Camire we think that this Clever video gives some good advice for Clever Job Interviews.

Click to see our Clever Career Development Professionals Clever Article ‘Job Interview-Clever Ways To Be A Success’ 

…and before you watch the video below we will give you another Top Clever Tip to get your interview started on the right foot…

Top Clever Tip

If you have the opportunity before your job interviews formally begin, or right at the start, try to ask why you were chosen to for the interview.

This will require the interviewer to think of the positive reasons why they wanted to see you for an interview. This will help to put them in a positive frame of mind by forcing them to concentrate on your strengths before the interview even begins!

Now that is a Clever Top Tip! Good luck with your interview!

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