Ice Cores To The Rescue – Why We Are Not All Going to Die

 Life Is Getting Chilly!

According to the Alaskan geologist David Lappi  and

Since T-rex & Co. vanished, it’s been one long slide down the thermometer, and our current “record heatwave” is far cooler than normal.

Scientists have determine the temperature of the earth going back a total of 65 million years but this graph just shows just the past 10,000 years and it clearly shows the state of global cooling we are currently struggling through.

global cooling

This graph is produced from ice cores covering the last 10,000 years and of course, this is not a popular image that you will see posted on any government site or to even be found on NASA’s site or other government-funded climate change sites they only go back a couple of hundred years as if they went back further a totally different story becomes clear.

An inconvenient truth to pro-global warming governments that provides further evidence of warmer climates around the world than we have now are the signs of vegetation and lush forests in deserts and also forests that once grew in the current ice-locked lands of both of our current poles.

(See our article The Magnetic Pole Is Moving – And It Even Has Our Scientists Shocked! 
for more information on the strange goings-on with our current magnetic North). goes on to say that ‘our current [Global] warming is well within natural variation’, which is no use to any government wishing to leverage a false claim of potential global doom to increase taxes.

The US is currently drilling new ice cores. They count each year’s ice layer (much like growth rings on a tree) to decide how many years back they have gone. They are currently down to 7,700 years old.

Each layer is carefully tested for temperature, greenhouse gases, and other constituents and from his tests so far the Alaskan geologist David Lapp states that:

I believe we will regret regulating CO2, since doing so will not produce any measurable climate control, and may actually cause great harm to world economies. If we want to promote renewable energy sources (and I do), let us not penalize fossil fuel production and use.  We may soon need all the energy we can produce, if the long-term cooling continues.

Thanks to the Cleverness of David and we bring some clarity to the global misinformation being peddled by tax greedy governments across the world.

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