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How to memorise anything

These top ‘How to memorise anything’ tips come from ‘The Lee Grainger’ singer and performer. Lee is an electrician by trade who has recently started to follow his passion for singing, performing his laid back classic crooning songs in local hotel dining rooms, lounges, at weddings and also for public entertainment in town centers.

He loves it and as his popularity grows he is now concentrating on expanding his range of songs to accommodate special requests for entertainment events, weddings and parties.

Lee is not a professional but he is able to quickly learn the words to songs and always sings confidently without any song sheets or prompts – we were lucky enough to meet up with him and find out how he does it.

How Lee learns the words to songs

He told MakeMeClever.com that he learns the songs by simply listening to them being sung by his favorite artist over and over again. Repetition is the key for him to learn the words but it is not just repetition. As he talks me through his learning process I realize that there are a number of other very important points to his learning process that can be applied to learning anything.

He learns the bulk of the words by a simple process repetition, listening to the songs over and over again. He then breaks the song down into smaller, manageable sections to concentrate on. He is not afraid of getting the words wrong in the early stages and he knows that faltering on words is simply part of the learning process and shows him what he has remembered so far and what he needs to practice on.

A classic learning approach…image

Firstly he listens to the songs being sung by his favorite professional two or three times through.

Then he breaks the song down into easier sections and starts by practicing getting the chorus right.

Once he gets the chorus right he listens to the song again and tries to sing it all the way through. He may stumble on some sections but that does not matter as it is getting the main parts committed to memory which counts at this stage.

An important point to learning is that he is not just re-reading or listening to the words, he is actually testing himself and finding out how much he has remembered.

Listening to the song again quickly enables him to fill in the gaps and then it is simply a case of going over the song again and again in his head while he is working, showering or driving. This repetition part of the learning process is important to commit the song to long term memory. By repeating the song over a period of days and weeks the song will stay in his memory rather than be remembered only for a short time and be lost.

Lee’s learning approach is excellent and enables him to recall a large number of songs simply at the mention of a song title and is a process that anyone can apply to learning anything.

Top Tips – Summary.

Singer1. Listen to the content;

2. Break the content down into manageable chunks, learning the main sections first;

3. Test yourself to find out what you know and what you have to practice more, remembering that mistakes are part of this stage of the learning process;

4. Rehearse the weak areas and practice getting them right;

5. Put the whole thing together;

6. Repeat the simple process of practice…test yourself…correct mistakes…practice until you get it all correct;

Now the words or information is logged into your short term memory but don’t stop there. The final step is vital for moving the information into long term memory.

7. Keep recalling and practicing the song or subject to be remembered by spending five to ten minutes every day recalling the information or practicing over the next few weeks to commit it to long term memory.

Thanks Lee – you are a Clever Contributor and Clever Singer “We love ya baby!”

You can see Lee in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NassGPwtD48

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