Time for change

How to have a great day.

Get up earlier and make a plan for your day.

Plan to make positive changes in your life, plan to make your day more fun, plan to make it more successful, plan to be happy!

Keep your days challenges small and simple and keep them in mind and work at them all day.

Your plan for the day could be as simple as to smile more often or stop those negative thoughts you have. You could plan to speak to someone you don’t normally speak to or to avoid being caught by someone who is always negative or moaning. Go out for lunch instead of staying in the office.


However small the changes are they are all important steps to learning how to bring more positives into your life helping you get closer to that success and happiness you deserve!  

 Just have fun with your ideas for the day and don’t limit yourself.

You don’t have to share your ideas with anyone so simply have fun. Sense it, feel it, enjoy it because these are not silly dreams, these are thoughts and ideas that will prime your day so it is important to keep them positive and make sure that that you have fun and make them BIG.

Live your dreamsPractice keeping them firmly fixed in your mind by making a mental effort to trigger them, perhaps every time you sip your coffee or see someone or something you don’t like. Each time you should think about your mornings ideas and your bright future so that happy thoughts drive you through your day, and if you work at it I promise you that you will feel a positive change in you attitude and after a while others will notice it too.

Now that you have your ideas and goals in mind, think about what you will do with all that money or beach house or whatever it may be and you will spend a large part of the day looking out for opportunities to make it happen because your subconscious mind will now be activated to search for the right ideas and opportunities.  (For more on this see our earlier article ‘Think Big’ ). 

Try it, what have you got to lose? You can always stay focussed on how poor you are or how unlucky you are – and you will find plenty more opportunities to stay poor and unhappy!

Its your life so why not make it the BEST ever!

Author CW

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