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Global Warming Really? A Clever View.

A few years back the news channels and papers exploded with claims of unprecedented global warming and impending doom for us all with rising sea levels, disappearing lands, ferocious weather events and worse.

Since these claims hit the world headlines there has been a raft of tax increases on fossil fuels and other global warming-related ‘pollutants’. The taxes were put in place in an attempt to stem the use of fuels identified as causing the potential death of our planet.

These ‘global warming’ taxes certainly helped to swell the exchequers bank accounts but according to the American Meteorological Society in their paper, ‘The State of the Climate in 2017’, ‘there was a three-year streak of new record temperatures set each year from 2014­­­­­–2016’. Sadly, it appears that these taxes have done little to stem the heating of the planet, leading some to make claims of governments profiteering on impending global doom.

Surely not!

What can YOU do to stop this global heating and save our planet?

According to NOAA (Science & information for a climate-smart nation),

Given the size and tremendous heat capacity of the global oceans, it takes a massive amount of accumulated heat energy to raise Earth’s average yearly surface temperature even a small amount. 

To help put this into perspective. Try thinking about the amount of electrical energy it takes to boil a full kettle of water and then try to imagine the heat energy required to heat all the oceans of the world and all the land, by only 1 degree. That’s a lot of heat!

According to the government, not using your car every day and cycling to work will make a difference. But is riding your bike to work twice a week really going to make a difference to global warming?

Given the size of the earth and the heat required to change its temperature, my Clever guess is that you and your bike are probably not going to make much difference to the temperature of the Pacific – but it may help you save some hard-earned cash after the tax hikes on fuel for your car!

The UK Independent newspapers claimed that ‘Cow ’emissions’ more damaging to planet than CO2 from cars’. This means that you would be better off keeping your car and not eating beef or drinking milk. This will enable us to drive around slaughtering unnecessary cows and save our ailing planet. Alternatively, our governments could reduce the tax on less harmful fossil fuels and increase the tax on global warming cows milk, but I have the feeling that this will not be happening someday soon.

So, whatever we have been doing for the past few years is not working. I blame it on the cows but my guess is there will be more tax hikes on less harmful fossil fuels coming soon.

According to the NASA Earth Observatory 

The world is getting warmer. Whether the cause is human activity or natural variability—and the preponderance of evidence says it’s humans—thermometer readings all around the world have risen steadily since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

OK, so this brings up three Global Warming warning bells to the ‘Clever Community’ all around the world.

The statement shows that there is some question over the possible cause of global warming when they say that the cause could be due to ‘human or ‘natural variability’.  Also, the term ‘preponderance of evidence’ doesn’t give you the feeling of a full commitment to the ‘facts’ being stated, possibly indicating that there may be a bit of ‘wiggle room’ here?

Finally, the statement mentions this has been happening ‘since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution’. Well, that’s not very long ago! Not when you consider the that the earth is billions of years old. It’s not even a nano-second of time on the earths’ wristwatch.

So why are the temperatures reading only going back to the 1850’s?

It turns out that there were not enough temperature records covering the planet prior to the 1880’s to give a truly ‘global’ temperature. Even at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies GISS (another NASA effort) temperature analysis only began around 1980.

So, the claims for global warming are being based on only a very recent collection of data over a very short period of time. So short that it represents a mere drop in the ocean of time. In fact, it represents such a minimal amount of data that I find it difficult to believe that scientists claim to be able to make any predictions from it at all, let alone pretty important ones which include suggestions of global impending doom.

Here is the chart that is creating all the panic. It starts all the way back in the recent 1880’s and as the years progress it certainly shows an undeniable increase in global temperatures.

But, this does not show all of the picture. If only we could look back a bit further into the earths global temperature history.  After all, it goes back billions of years.

It turns out that we do have records going back further into our earths history which show global temperature trends. These come from geologists, botanists and the many other earth scientists who can give us a pretty good idea of the temperature changes of the earth over millions of years. The larger the sample the greater likelihood of accuracy in the results so it makes sense to use all the data available to get a better view on global warming. So let us take a Clever look at this data.

Global Warming the Full Data

Claims have been made that with only 1 – 2 degrees of Global Warming many of us will be struggling to survive but research suggests that in our global history, many years were much warmer than they are now.

The graph below goes back a mere 415,000 years and traces our global temperature history giving a slightly different view of the claims of the terrible danger we are supposed to be currently in.

global warming

Graph from

It is immediately obvious that our earth has had some ups and downs when it comes to global temperatures and if you look at the last section on the right getting to our present day we are actually on a cycle of overall COOLING of global temperatures. But perhaps going back 415,000 years is going a bit far.

This graph from the IPCC shows a slightly shorter timescale going back to around 950AD but still shows a very different picture to the minuscule 100-year snapshot we are often shown today.

global warming medieval times

There is not much I can say about this graph, as any Clever person can easily see that we have had endured much greater temperature increases in our recent Medieval past. And, more importantly, I don’t recall the medieval period having too many cars around or coal-burning factories or power stations to cause this.

So what is this claim for global warming and impending doom all about?

Certainly, it is not a Clever claim at all because if you use the full data available, it is clearly incorrect.

So why would anyone bother to make these claims of impending doom?

Cynics would suggest that no one would do such a thing unless they could make vast amounts of money out of it. But the only way anyone could do this would be to falsely blame something that is in common use by everyone every day and then charge a ‘global warming’ tax for using it – claiming that it is for the good of the people and planet.

But no one would ever do that, would they?

These opinions are Clever Community opinions based on data freely available to the public.  There is nothing new about the data as it has been in the public domain for many years. The conclusions made depends on how much of the data you choose to use to make your judgments.

Some people have clearly chosen to view a very short time period from which to make some rather startling conclusions. Some have chosen to look at the full amount of data available to them.

As their results are based on the amount of data they selected to use neither opinion is wrong, but only one is right!

Be Clever, question everything!

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