Curiosity is good for you.

The saying goes that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ but in these modern days curiosity and careful questioning is needed to peel back layers of sensationalism and hype to get to the truth.

This is the second article from Clever Contributor Damiao Lo on his approach to improving yourself by using curiosity to help you learn more. You can see Damiao’s first article in this series, ‘Attitude Matters’ HERE.


How many conversations do you have where you ask more questions than the other person? 20% 30% 40% more than 50% of your conversations? To develop your cleverness further, you should be mindful of other people’s opinion and peel back the layer or layers of that person’s opinion in order to discover the underlying facts.

This process will enable you to understand and appreciate the person more and also gain new ideas and knowledge for possible collaboration. 

Your past experiences act as a filter coloring how you view the world around you. You have probably heard of the expression “not seeing eye to eye”. That’s the different filters at work. If you don’t challenge your filters, you will not be able to develop further than you have already as these filters are often limiting and sometimes simply wrong.

You should create a sense of curiosity in any conversation. Start with “tell me more…” Use reporter-type questions, “How.. Who.. What… When…” to express your curiosity and get the other person to share more of their knowledge with you. You should not ask “Why” as it can cause people’s defense mechanism to kick in. You should then use the other persons words to restate the current conversation and share your view point next.

This approach creates a warm and nurturing atmosphere to learn from each other. is not just about “make ME clever” but also make the person across from you clever as well.

Do it nowDo It Now!

Be prepared to learn from anyone;

Be curious and ask more questions;

Peel back the layers to get to the facts;

Stop asking ‘why’ and start using how, what, who, when.

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