Clever ways to keep your New Year resolution

Now is the season to start thinking about goals. Goals for the coming year and how it is going to be so much better if you keep to your resolution. Newspapers and magazines will be full of ideas, helpful hints and examples for making resolutions for 2017 but most peoples resolutions are small and limited – and most fail.

For example, many people will set a goal to lose weight, or stop smoking. These are OK goals on their own but they are only a small part of the bigger picture. Why do you want to do these things? It’s probably got something to do with being healthier, looking after yourself and feeling and looking better so why not make that your goal?

A larger goal such as looking after yourself and respecting yourself and your body would cover all these things and more. If you do make a much larger, all encompassing, goal then you will aim to look after yourself and your body as a whole. Your aim would be to respect yourself, your body and your health during the coming year, and its a great body so why not?

The problem with setting smaller goals is that you may stop smoking or your may lose weight in the first month and then what? You goal is achieved by January. Tick done it! And this is where you may start eating more or smoking again as you have achieved your target and then what, you slide back into the same old bad habits again.

This is one of the main reasons why New Years resolutions most often fail. They are too limited and give you nowhere to go after they have been achieved, whereas a goal of being healthier in the coming year has no limits. Once you have stopped smoking you need to keep it that way to stay on your goal of being healthier for 2017, you may want to try exercising some more to improve your fitness and also eat healthier foods too. You see, this type of goal setting has much more chance of working and everything that you do during the year towards being fitter and healthier is a success!

If you make your resolution to respect and protect yourself and your body your year long aim will be to make the effort to eat less and exercise more and it will not be a short fad which you give up as soon as you achieve it. Each success is a step towards making your resolution become real throughout the whole year and you will feel so much better because of it.

While you are exercising your body don’t forget to exercise your brain too. That needs exercise and stimulation in just the same way as any other muscle in your body so give yourself a whole body boost and have a fantastic year.

Make sure that you have a Clever year – you are worth it!

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