you are already clever

Firstly, it is important to understand that you are already very Clever.

You have already learned how to balance on your legs, walk, run, and rotate your body in all directions all at the same time.

You can process millions of visual and aural inputs and you can even form thoughts and speak at the same time as doing all the things above.

If you think about it, you are truly amazing!

The most powerful computers have nothing compared to your processing power. You can already do some seriously complex things at amazing speed and the good news is that you have huge potential to do so much more!


Given the amazing Cleverness you already have, please take a moment to congratulate yourself on your incredible achievements so far.

Now that you know how very Clever you are, the next thing to do is to find out what being ‘Clever’ actually is. This is so that you can decide how much more Cleverness you want.

Being clever is generally defined as:

  • Being skillful in using the hands or body.
  • Being intelligent.
  • Being mentally quick and able to learn things quickly.
  • Being resourceful.
  • Having intelligent thinking.

Now we know what being Clever actually is, we need to think about what you want to be Clever at.What do you want to be Clever at

Do you want to be Clever enough to bake a cake or get a degree perhaps?

The interesting thing is that there is not a great deal of difference between the two. The only difference between baking a cake and getting a degree is the different amounts as both need:

  • Time.
  • Commitment.
  • Learning.
  • Practice.

GraduateOur Clever Learner series will help you learn the basics you need to be a clever learner and will serve you equally well for whatever you want to learn or develop your skills in.

I’m not saying that getting a degree is the same as baking a cake, what I am saying is that the ‘process’ of learning is basically the same for everything:

  • You will need to find out about the subject.
  • You will probably need to find someone or something to guide you in what you need to do.
  • You will need to commit time and effort to learn the processes involved.
  • You will need to practice.
  • Finally, you may need someone to test your newly developed skills.

For baking the cake that will be as simple as someone tasting some of it. For the degree, this may be a formal written exam or research paper also reviewed by someone else.

The basic steps needed to learn anything are similar. They take time, commitment and effort to make sure you are successful. Once you have the basic skills you can master anything!

The first steps are to know WHAT you ware going to be clever at and HOW clever you want to be!

Do it nowDo-It-Now

Decide what you will be Clever at. Do you want to be Clever at school, or have a Clever conversation, or be Clever at work.

Think about why you want to be Clever at these things. It is important to understand why you want this as it will help to keep you motivated when the going gets tough.

Make a plan of what you are going to do about increasing your Cleverness in these areas. If you are going to be Clever at maths, or a new language then you need to set aside some time each day to practice.

Decide on the tools you will need. You may need to sign-up for a class or get a book on the subject or start to search the internet for all the free information and advice on your subject.

Get started now. Do something positive right now and start on your road to Cleverness.

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