Breaking the multi-tasking myth and being super efficient.


Men are not good at multi-tasking, or even, men cannot multi-task at all! There has been much debate about this over the years but who is better at multi-tasking, males or females?

Despite there being many articles about it. It does not matter whether you are male or female, the ability for people to ‘multi-task’ is a myth.

Brain scans and live imagery have shown that when we try to split our thoughts and actions into completing two or more tasks at the same time (multi-tasking), our brains simply switch between the two, spending little time or in-depth thought on either.

According to Aalto University, your brain works most efficiently when it can focus on a single task for a longer period of time and changing tasks too frequently interferes with brain activity.

A research team from Stanford University also found that multitasking was less productive than doing a single thing at a time. Research results from the University of London went as far as showing that participants who multi-tasked during cognitive tasks experienced IQ score declines.

Yes, multi-tasking can reduce your IQ!

So how do you get those jobs done on time?

Firstly you must drop the idea that multi-tasking is good for getting things done. It is not!


It is far better to direct your full attention to completing each task individually.

If more than one task needs to be completed by the same deadline then you simply have to allocate enough time to complete each task and decide what order to complete them in.

By completing each task individually you may find that you are able to complete them quicker because you are able to collect all the resources you need around you to get the job done and are able to commit your full attention to each task as they come up rather than your efforts being scattered between to or more competing tasks.

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