It’s good to be creative – find out why.

Being Creating is good for you.

Were you ever told, “It’s not done like that”, “Don’t be silly”, “Don’t do it that way”, “Stop day-dreaming”, “Don’t let your imagination run wild”, “You need to control your imagination”?

happy creative boyAll children are highly creative and are much better than adults at using their imagination to come up with up amazing ideas, stories, and games. Dr. Stephanie Carlson who studies childhood brain development at the University of Minnesota suggests that children spend up to 2/3 of their time in imaginative play.

creative modelUnfortunately, as we get older this flow of creativity is slowly reduced to a trickle as we learn to do things the same way as everyone else does, even to write and to think in a certain way. If we don’t conform then we are an ‘odd-ball’ or even a ‘trouble maker’!

This is a great loss for us all as it is creativity which is the root of all change. Creativity shapes our future. People who challenge the norms are often seen as odd but are often the catalyst for great change in the future.

Think about the man who told the world that the earth was round – he was obviously crazy!

Some companies have experimented with getting children to come up with new product designs and have found that they come up with significantly more ideas than their own research and development teams.

Creativity should not be seen as something bad and should be encouraged – it is for our future after all!

Here are some ways to regain your creativity. Don’t forget that we are all naturally creative and there are some very creative adults. Many of us we have simply suppressed this valuable part of ourselves – but it is still there waiting to be let lose again.

lets do itRecognise that being creative and using your imagination is not wrong. It is a natural and healthy part of you.

Tap into your creative side at any time anywhere on your own or with others because it is with you all the time.

Remember that being creative is fun so don’t hold back enjoy it. As you keep practicing you will begin to have more ideas and more fun.

Accept failure as part of the process and keep trying. Even the most creative people do not have instant success.

Be a kid again. Let your mind and imagination free. Don’t be shy, you don’t have to tell others about it just go for it.

Even if you think that this process is not doing anything it is exercising your brain and teaching you that it is ok to go a little wild sometimes.

Improve your memory. The best memory masters use stories and images to remember lists and numbers. You know the type of thing… “I walked past ‘2’ people with ‘3’ big black dogs standing in front of a giant ‘8’ legged spider, 238”.

Be creative – Improve your memory, brain activity and have fun all at the same time.

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