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Barriers to success – negativity


Like attracts like and if you spend your time reading or listening to negative news stories, watching negative movies or playing games with hatred and fear it will effect the way you look at the world. This has been proven in research settings where even negative words such as grey and rain can slow down the walking speed of a person compared to words such as happy and summer.

Yes, simple words can do this to us subconsciously and it has also been shown that not only simple words effect how fast we may walk down a corridor but they also effect how patient we are.

Physical reaction

This means that if you are constantly hearing or thinking negative thoughts it has an actual physical effect on your body. Which means that if you are filling your life with negative thoughts or complaints then you will probably have a negative and unsuccessful life. It is that simple!

If you search out negatives and surround yourself with them there is no space left for fresh ideas and events to enter your world and as like-attracts-like you will probably attract other people around you and if you surround yourself with people who feel that they cannot do things or are even incapable of learning or improving themselves you will probably be the same because no one wants to be the odd one out – right?

However, some people are able to pull themselves out of some amazingly difficult situations and make the most of all life has to offer and these people are often called ‘lucky’, ‘a swot’ or even ‘odd’ by those who chose to stay stuck in their small negative world.

How can you possibly improve yourself and your life if you work so hard at finding reasons for not making the effort to change things for the better. Many people are actually working hard at keeping themselves in the same unhappy state. Are you one of them?


Do it nowStart by thinking positive thoughts and being more positive about yourself and what you are capable of doing.

Avoid negative things in your life such as negative thoughts, people and activities.

Concentrate on developing positive thoughts and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

Keep away from energy draining negativity.

Give yourself a little space to allow the positives to flow and you will start to see a positive change in your outlook on life and your energy to actually do something about it.

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