Attitude Matters

2016 Clever Contributor Damiao Lo is a business, leadership and IT coach who has spent many years working in Asia with multinational companies. Damiao has also developed and taught on Executive Training Programs where his energetic style and delivery always gets results. Find out more about his approach to improving yourself by working with others in this two-part series.

To improve your chances of gaining success in your life you should act on the following two elements every day:  1) Attitude; 2) Curiosity.  In this article, I will cover the important points about attitude and in the next article, I will elaborate on the benefits of curiosity.

I am not suggesting that you project a sense of entitlement such as “Come on, Make Me Clever NOW”. Rather, it is important to shift your inner mindset to “I am good; I want to improve continuously”.

Your desire to improve must be strong and you must keep working on it. The attitude I suggest you should take is a humble attitude of learning from everyone around you every day.

You should observe like a scientist and be as agile as a gymnast.

Both groups of professionals have an attitude of ‘learning to improve’. They have a desire to move from where they are at now to where they want to be by improving themselves in knowledge, understanding and practice. There’s no complacency.

From my experience, a humble attitude to learn from anyone is a sure way to improve yourself and contribute to your knowledge so you must set a positive learning attitude from the start. After you get up in the morning, tell yourself “I am ready to learn no matter how small or from whom”.

If you are challenged and your attitude starts to shift you should play your favourite music, take out a piece of paper and write out the name of who you want to learn from today. Put it in your pocket and if you feel you are stuck, pull out the paper and read it out to yourself.  This will help.

 Once you have a learning attitude the foundation is set for you to seek out knowledge in the next article “Being Curious”.

Do it nowPlan to learn ‘something’ new from everyone you meet. It does not matter how insignificant it may appear at first each piece of knowledge is a building block for your future;

Set out each day to improve some area of yourself. Again, this can be small improvements that will build on each other.

 Write down the name of someone you want to learn something new from and do it!

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