6 Clever exercises to Grow your Brain

Cleverness has a very special property.

It is not like water which gets less as you drink it. Your Cleverness actually increases the more you use it.

Yes, your Cleverness actually increases as you use your brain!

As you develop your learning skills you actually get better at it. Your brain physically grows new connections and becomes stronger.

Sadly, the opposite happens when you stop using your brain - your brains' ability to do things actually reduces.

nerve cell

Brain Activity Watching TV

Brain scans have shown neurons firing at an increasing rate as you are learning and developing new thoughts and ideas. The images have shown that your brain acts in a similar way to your muscles which grow larger and stronger as you exercise and become weaker when you stop using them.

Do you want to learn a new language?

Compared to learning a language when you were very young it should be easy to learn another language now.


Brain Activity Having a Conversation

This is because you have a much greater understanding of the world around you to help you learn new words. You can point at things or find someone to translate and even draw pictures to help you learn new words.

You could not do any of these things when you were a baby, but it did not stop you learning to speak, read, write, walk, run, dance and all those other things that you find so easy to do now.

Your brain had a huge amount of Cleverness to help you learn these new things when you were young – so what about now?

Did you keep up this pace of learning, stretching your mind every day, continuing to learn about everything around you, or did you let the pace slacken off a bit – did the call of the sofa get stronger than the call for discovery and challenges?

Like most of us, I am guessing that the Cleverness muscle you started life with may have been allowed to sag a little, but don't feel too guilty. If this is the case, it may not be your fault.

The sad thing in life is that you are always told how to look after your body, to exercise, to eat the correct foods etc, but you are not told how to look after your brain, and it is this which ultimately controls everything you do – even your moods.

“The fact that we do not teach people how to look after their minds is one of Educations greatest failures and urgently needs to be addressed”.


Some great news!Exercise your brain

If you have let your brain ‘go a bit’, then there is great news. You can start to flex and stretch your brain again and like a muscle, it will begin to develop and grow stronger.

Having a fit and healthy brain will result in you feeling better about yourself and your abilities. Your self-confidence will also improve as you remember and understand much more about yourself and the world around you than you did before.


This sounds great but you should also know that just as there is no ‘quick fix’ to building muscle strength, it takes continued effort to develop your brain power and feel the full benefits.

The good news is that if you stick with it, your overall Cleverness will increase and along with that, your ability to learn new things and improve your chances of having a successful and happy life will also improve.

To exercise your brain you simply have to do something new or different to your normal routine. You should also try something more complex to get those neurons firing again.

Doing new or different things will help you keep your brain engaged and awake and doing something a

Do it now

little more challenging will give your brain the exercise it needs to grow.


Changing your daily habits, along with adding some daily mental challenges, will keep your brain active so that it becomes healthier and fitter.

Start to exercise your brain with these simple steps each day and begin on your path to Cleverness:

1. Practice using your mouse with the other hand, also your pen.
Why not swap your knife and fork over when you are eating and give your brain another new coordination challenge.

2. Try reading text upside-down. This is a simple way to get your brain working.

3. Have you noticed how you always go to the same areas in a classroom, coffee shop, even toilets? This is because your brain feels safe with things it already knows. Try sitting in different areas, taking different routes and go to different places. This will help you to break out of this safety cage and experience something new.

4. Try talking to someone different and engage your brain in new conversations to find out new things - You may even gain a new friend out of it!

5. Give yourself a challenge each morning by writing down some numbers or words and try to remember them at the end of the day. Change the numbers and words each day and make the list longer to continually stretch your mind.

6. Improve your levels of concentration by concentrating on something for 1 minute, and slowly increase the time each day.

You can simply look at one word or full stop on a page and concentrate on that. This will help to control your brain and prevent it from wandering.

Being able to shut out the noise and concentrate on something is vitally important to successful learning.

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