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As many of you know, you can be physically present in a class, lecture, business presentation or other situation but not actually be there.

How often do you look at the time and seconds later have to look again?

Globally, our ability to concentrate on things for any useful length of time is gradually reducing. This situation is being blamed on smartphones and computers that are actually making us less intelligent. We do not have to remember telephone numbers, important dates like birthdays, addresses, passwords etc anymore because it is now done for us. And because our brain acts like a muscle the less we exercise it the weaker it becomes and our capacity to concentrate, memorise and remember these things is simply reducing due to lack of use.

The second problem is that our attention span is much shorter than it used to be. Your modern brain is used to quick-changing scenes in films and on TV and also browsing the internet, skipping from one thing to another and never spending much time on anything. No wonder we find ourselves drifting off somewhere else when we are listening to a long talk or lecture that lasts over an hour when we can’t even hold our concentration for much more than 45 seconds.

The good news is that you can rebuild that muscle and get your ability to concentrate and your memory back.

FOUR Simple Steps To Improve Your Concentration And Learning Skills.

Do it now

1. Every time you do something ask yourself what you have just read, seen or heard. This will help you to understand whether you were actually concentrating or not and will also start exercising your brain again.

2. Take the time to listen carefully to people who are talking and not form your answer while they are still speaking. Listening properly to someone is a skill that needs practice. In this age of instant responses, we naturally want to jump in with an answer but you don’t have to. Take your time to listen and think about what is being said before you respond.

3. When you are reading or listening to something try to picture it in your mind and add as much detail as possible to the image. Add colours and sound too. The more you can engage your brain the less likely it is to wander off onto something else.

4. Train your brain by concentrating on something each day. Time yourself concentrating on something, anything, for 1 minute each day and then raise this time slowly each day.

1 minute may sound too easy but doing short quick exercises and being successful each time will keep you motivated rather than setting yourself a big goal and not achieving it. Keep this up and your ability to concentrate will improve along with your ability to learn new things.

Were you really reading this or drifting off somewhere else?

Check your concentration now – without looking below. What were the main points covered by the short text above?

See our second part to this article to further help you improve your concentration and ability to learn anything.

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