Exercises for success

3 Simple Daily Exercises To Bring You Success.

Understanding that all achievement comes through your own actions and no one else’s is vital to your success. It stops you from blaming other people or things for your current situation and, puts you personally in-charge of your own life and everything about it.

You control all of your actions

For example:

  • It is you who controls whether you get up early so that you can practice that language you always wanted to learn.
  • It is you who decides to stop watching the TV and start revising for your next exam.
  • It is you who goes out and spends your hard-earned cash on pointless items.
  • It is you who cannot say no and takes on far too much work…

All of your mental activity is also controlled and directed by YOU and no one else:

  • It is you decide to get angry or upset when someone says something negative about you.
  • It is you who decided to go for your dreams or give up on them.

Stop blaming other people, circumstances, bad luck for your situation. These are just excuses.

For most people, the biggest barrier to achieving their goals is themselves.

The main process which sets achievers apart from non-achievers is that achievers win the battle with their own mind before they start. They put away fears and doubts and decide that whatever the obstacles put in front of them, they will achieve their goal. 

Once this mindset is achieved you can begin your journey to eventual success. Actually, once this mental battle is won you are already well over halfway to success!

Your mind tends to be lazy.

Here is a practical example to prove to you that your mind often stops you from doing things. Think about something you want to do and then listen to your mind come up with a list of reasons why you can’t do it just now:

  • I am too busy;
  • It will take too long;
  • It’s too late;
  • It’s too early;
  • I don’t have time;
  • Maybe after the kids have grown up;
  • I’m too old;
  • I’m not experienced enough;
  • I’m too tired;
  • I need to eat first;
  • I’ll make a coffee and then do it.

Pretty pathetic really isn’t it! All that brainpower being wasted on finding reasons why not to do something. Your mind and potential cleverness is literally shriveling up due to a lack of use while you waste hours a day convincing yourself why you can’t do the things you really would like to be doing.

Do it now1. Recognise your brain’s negativity and find reasons to do things rather than not do them;

2. Make an effort to stop taking the easy route by doing some simple new tasks. This will get your brain used to doing new things and achieving them and will help to remove its natural fear of anything new.

3. Push yourself do something new every day – this can be simple things such as using your mouse with the other hand, using chopsticks etc. This will make your brain work harder giving it some much-needed exercise. You can even stand on one leg now and then and give that brain a good physical workout – feel the movements in your leg muscles as your brain calculates and re-adjusts to keep balance.

Just these simple exercises can help to give your brain a much-needed workout and get you mentally prepared to progress to bigger things and achieve your goals.

It is important to remember that you don’t need to start big! Small regular steps that are easy and quick to achieve will give you that feeling of success that will keep you going all the way to the end.

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