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10 Clever tips on how to get into the ‘learning zone’ and be a learning machine!

Productive learning is where learning really works.

This is when the learner is interested in the subject and really WANTS to know more – they are ‘in the zone!’

During this time the brain is actively engaged in understanding the material or process. It is working hard to make those important internal links that produce learning that really sticks!

When you are in the super concentrated learning mode you often do not notice other things. Noise, time, hunger cannot stop you. You are a learning machine!

This is the best type of learning and it happens at certain times when all distractions are blanked out. It happens most often when a person is on their own or with a small group of others who are fully committed to understanding the subject.

If you can get into this ‘learning zone’ then you are likely to be far more efficient at learning than at any other time.

Sadly, classrooms and lecture halls do not give this type of deep and lasting learning experience. This is because there are too many distractions and you are probably not able to get into ‘the mood’. Learners should use these sessions to take notes and get a general understanding of the subject and then actually learn it later.

Most students think that because they have sat in a class for an hour that is all they have to do to learn a subject. They are very wrong. They may retain only 10% of what was said in the session 30 minutes after the class has ended. A figure which will drop to remembering little more than nothing a day later.

Classrooms and lecture halls are NOT where real learning takes place.

Here are our ‘Top 10 Clever tips’ on how to get into the learning zone and be a learning machine!

  1. Prepare your learning space with all you need with no distractions.

  2. To be a productive learner you need to setup you learning space in a quiet, undisturbed place where you can concentrate fully.

  3. You can listen to music but preferably not with lyrics otherwise, you will be thinking of the words in the song rather than the words you are studying.

  4. Turn your mobile OFF.

  5. Keep your time slot free and make it a regular occurrence, each day, or week to form a learning habit. Setting a regular time each day for studying you will start to train your mind to switch into productive learning mode automatically.

  6. Make a clear aim for what you want to achieve during this time.

  7. Keep your learning sessions to short periods of deep concentration. These are far more valuable than hours of ‘idle’ study with the mind wandering off for most of the time.

  8. Commit to concentrated study for 10 minutes at a time and then get up, move around and refocus again.

  9. Congratulate yourself on your progress and start again for 10 minutes. You can really commit yourself each time knowing that it won’t be for long.

  10. Do this for no more than one hour.

After some time this productive learning will start to become a habit where your subconscious mind will recognize the situation and automatically prepare for concentrated learning.

Your learning efficiency will greatly increase giving you more time to learn other things or relax a little.

Keep practicing and good luck!

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