10 Clever steps to de-stress and relax right NOW

We are often amazed at what modern technology can do for us, but it is nothing compared to the sensory, data processing, and motor skills, we use every second of every day.

Our ability to recognize and process, thousands of inputs per second from a vast array of highly sensitive receptors such as taste, sound, temperature, vibration, and sight is an amazing achievement, and is far superior to the most advanced man-made technology we have today. 

Given how amazing we are, it is worth considering what drives this incredible bio-machine of ours? 

For many of us, it is beef burgers, red wine, pizza, curry and the odd bit of fruit here and there. Fuel snatched between work meetings during the day and social meetings in the evening.

Let’s just think about that for a moment.

If you bought an expensive car would you pump cheap second rate fuel into it? If you bought a high powered computer would you try to run it on low voltage electricity or not bother to use an anti-virus program to protect your most personal information…of course you wouldn’t, that would be simply stupid, wouldn’t it?

The most valuable piece of equipment that you have is YOU so why do so many of us abuse ourselves with a lack of sleep, a lack of exercise, junk food, alcohol, stress, tension and worry?

Most of us spend so much of our time trying to meet the needs of everyone else that we forget to look after ourselves.

Do it now

Take a quick break, you are worth it.

1. Stop whatever you are doing and just breath (if you know how to – we will cover ‘how to breath properly’ in a later article).

2. Take regular and steady breaths. You do not have to do deep meditative breathing. Simple but regular breathing rhythm has been scientifically proven to be the quickest way to de-stress your body and calm you down

3. Think about youit may be the first time you have all day.

4. Sense your body, the tension, the feelings.

5. Relax your shoulders, chest, stomach, legs, feet, face. You will probably be surprised at how much tension you are holding in certain areas of your body.

6. Just concentrate on YOU, your body and your feelingsit does not need to be for long, just a minute or two.

7. Close your eyes for just 30 seconds, take some slow deep breaths.

8. Try to stop your racing mind by thinking of yourself and your breathing.

9. Now move, stretch, and get on with your day, remembering that YOU need some occasional attention too.

10. Try to turn do this quick exercise once or twice an hour during the day and you will start to feel a positive difference.

Remember – You are worth it!

 Author CW. Main image Pixabay

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