You can’t change the world – but you can change yourself

Many people are so busy being negative that they have no time left to get the good things out of life. You hear it all the time…

not fair

“It’s too difficult”

”I will never be able to do it”

“I can’t!”

”I always have bad luck” 

Failure talk

This is ‘failure talk’ and whether I am in a classroom, a business office or the supermarket I hear failures everywhere making excuses as to why they cannot do something.

I hear many reasons for not doing well at something but none of them admit to the simple truth that they are too lazy, too slow, too tired, too negative to get the best out of themselves and their life.

They know they are wrong and that is why they work so hard at making up excuses to cover it.

Why are people so afraid of trying to make their life better?

Perhaps it is because they are afraid of failure or of change? Perhaps they are afraid that if they are successful their ‘friends’ will be jealous and start to mock them for being ‘different’, ‘weird’, a ‘swot’?

We have mentioned the fear of failure in an earlier article but the fear of being seen as ‘different’ or even ‘odd’ is often a very powerful reason for a someone not to try their best and not be too keen, or too clever.

Many people just want to ‘fit in’ and for many people, working hard and trying your best is often seen as  abnormal. 

You must think carefully about what type of good friend would want to stop you doing your best?

At work, some colleagues get worried if you put some effort into improving your performance, working harder and learning new things. This may be because you are more likely to get promoted than they are or it makes them feel bad because they are too lazy to do the same.

Some people will even put barriers in your way to prevent you from getting ahead or will try to convince you that you are not good enough or ‘don’t stand a chance’ or are being a boring swot!

Negativity from people around you can prevent you from reaching your full potential and when you add to that your own fear of failing, these two can combine and become a very powerful reason why you should not try your best and get what you want. 

Surround yourself with positive people.

Successful people are both pro-active and positive. Being around these types of people will give you some of their energy and ideas. Successful people actually look for positives (motivators) to do something and the best way to change your life and success is by working on changing yourself for the better. You can start by carefully controlling whovyou send your time with each day and look for positive, happy and energetic people to be around.

Do it nowDo it NOW!

1. Avoid negative people;

2. Don’t rely too heavily on others to support you or give you positives;

3. Don’t listen to others ‘advice’ too much, it may not always be intended to ‘help’ you;

4. Don’t try to be ‘part of the crowd’ and please everyone. Individuals stand out and get noticed.

5. Remember that any friend who tries to prevent you from getting the best out of yourself is not a friend;

6. Commit to making YOUR life better – others can follow if they want.

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