You can’t change the world – but you can change your life.

 Many people are so negative they stop themselves from getting the good things out of each day because they are too busy complaining. You hear it all the time…

not fair“Its not fair”

“Why do they always get the luck?”

”I never do well at this”

”I don’t care, its just me I can do much about it!”

“I can’t do it!”

”Why do I always get the bad luck?” 

Failure talk

I call it ‘failure talk’ because that is all it is and it is who I always hear it from. Whether I am in a classroom, a corridor, a business or the supermarket I hear failures talking. They are everywhere trying to justify why they are too lazy, too busy, too tired, too ill, too old, too stupid to want to get the best out of themselves. They know its wrong, that’s why they work so hard at finding excuses why their life is so bad.

Why are they so afraid of trying to make things better?

Perhaps it is because they are afraid of failure or of change? Perhaps they are afraid that if they are successful their ‘friends’ will be jealous and start to mock them for being ‘different’, ‘weird’, a ‘swot’?

We have mentioned the fear of failure in an earlier article but the fear of being seen as ‘different’ or even ‘odd’ is often a very powerful reason for a learner not to try their best and not appear to be too keen, or too clever. They want to ‘fit in’ with the others around them and standing out and trying their best is often seen as odd behaviour. Think carefully about what type of good friend would want to stop you doing your best!

Surround yourself with positive people.

Successful people are active and positive and their energy and ideas really do rub off!

In business, the same failure talk can appear. Some colleagues can get worried if you start to perform better or try harder than they do because you may be more likely to get promoted than them. Some will even put barriers in your way to prevent you from getting ahead or try to convince you that you are not good enough or ‘don’t stand a chance’.

Negativity from people around you can prevent you from being able to reach your full potential and when you add to that your own fear of failing these can combine to be a very powerful reason not to try your best and get what you really want. 

Just getting started can sometimes be 80% of the battle!

You have to think hard about whether you really want to be successful or are you just joining in with he crowd and using your lack of success as something to complain about?

Successful people actually look for positives (motivators) to do something.

Breaking out of a negative cycle and trusting yourself is an important step to being successful in anything that you do.

The only way you can change your life, your luck and your happiness is by working on changing yourself for the better- the world is not going to change for you.

Do it nowDo it NOW!

Avoid negative people;

Don’t rely too heavily on others to support you or give you positives;

Don’t listen to others ‘advice’ too much;

Don’t always try to be ‘part of the crowd’ and please everyone.

Any friend who tries to stop you getting the best out of yourself is not a friend;

Commit to making YOUR life better – others can follow if they want.

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