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Why are some students more successful?

It did not matter whether I was living and teaching in Europe, Asia or the Middle East there were far greater similarities between learners than differences.

For example everyone:

  • likes to be praised;
  • likes success;
  • wants to be happy;
  • wants to have friends;
  • wants to feel safe;
  • feels pain and suffering;
  • wants to be loved.

The list is endless…and please don’t tell me you don’t want any of these things too, right!

From an educational point of view it was also clear that all learners had the potential to be highly successful in whatever it was they were studying but I soon began to be able to recognise students who I thought had the potential for greater success than others and it did not matter where they came from or what their background was.

At the beginning

At the beginning of the academic year, I would try to identify some students who I thought would be more successful in their chosen subject by the end of the year.

At the end of the year, I looked for these students results to see how well they performed over the year. Some dropped out or failed to progress for one reason or another but overall the success rate of these particular students was higher than the average for that year.

This meant that I could identify some students who had a better chance of achieving a higher than average grade in a subject and it did not matter whether I knew anything about the subject they were learning.

I am not saying that I have any special skills because if you ask any seasoned teacher or educator you will probably find that they could identify those students that, in their opinion, will achieve better results than the other students in the group.

So what is it that is being identified in those early stages?

What is it that we can see in a person that is likely to make them more successful than others in the same group and, more importantly, how do you get some of it?

Keep reading ‘Motivate for success’ to find out…

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