who controls you

Who controls you?

For most of us there is a constant battle going on in our heads between ‘you’ and ‘your mind’ and most of us are not aware of it. You want to do something but then your mind comes up with all the reasons why you shouldn’t and for this reason, he answer to the question ‘Who controls you is…  not YOU.

The sad truth is that most of us don’t know how to control our own minds!

We are not taught how to control what we think or how to control our emotions and actions at school, University or by our parents but it is one of the most important ingredients to ensuring that we have what it takes to be successful and happy in everything that we do.

As a result of this huge gap in our education, many of us are on autopilot for most of the day being pushed around by a random torrent of emotions, ideas, and reactions.

Huge potential for improving your life

This is truly a terrible waste of human potential and if you think I am exaggerating then think of the times you may have ‘had a go’ at someone for annoying you or taking your place in a queue, or cutting you up when you are driving and after your mad rant have thought – ‘wow, where did that come from?’

are you in controlWere you in control of your emotions?

What about the times when you have regretted saying something to someone in the heat of the moment. You probably did it as an automatic reaction, without even thinking, and now you regret it.

Were you full in control of yourself at the time?

Probably not and the truth is that many of us aren’t either. Scary isn’t it!

We are taught how to look after our money, our bodies, our calorie intake, our love life, our fitness but not our minds – the very thing that controls all that we do. Don’t you find that a little odd?

Clever people

Clever people are usually the ones that usually stay calm and balanced and rarely appear to get upset. Successful people know how to control themselves and their emotions and keep working steadily towards their goal whatever is thrown at them on the way.

Do it nowThink about your emotional ups and downs over the past month;

Decide whether you were as ‘in control’ of your mind and thoughts as you would like to be;

Practice keeping your mind busy on positive thoughts and ideas;

Practice recognising your thoughts and emotions and then practice controlling them so that they work to your advantage;

If you feel that your emotions are taking control, take a step back, breath and give yourself time before you react.

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