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What Makes A Great Leader?

Interpersonal Excellence – Managing People and Developing Relationships

This article from officevibe.com  covers all the main areas you need to be a great leader. It is ideal for new and aspiring leaders and will provide a great reminder of the basics for those who have been in leadership roles for some time.

Areas included:

  • Why you have an amazing opportunity ahead of you
  • The three Leader Laws that will guide you to success
  • The top 10 skills & qualities of leaders & workplace scenarios:
    • Create a Communication-Friendly Environment
    • Be Vulnerable & Build Trust
    • Motivate People to Move in the Same Direction
    • Develop Your Emotional Intelligence
    • Prioritize People Over Profit
    • Have Humility & Stay Humble
    • Coach & Empower Others (& Yourself)
    • Foster a Learning Environment
    • Be Accountable & Transparent
    • Lead Through Change & Adversity
  • The difference between management & leadership
  • Awesome resources to take your leadership to the next level.

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What Makes A Great Leader?

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