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The ultimate guide to Online Courses – Introduction

 Online Courses Review – Introduction

Online learning is rapidly growing in popularity. The number of courses available to learners is increasing along with different learning approaches. This can only be a good thing as knowledge and Cleverness are being shared globally. Making Cleverness available to anyone with an internet connection. 

Why is there such rapid growth in online courses?

  • Most online courses can be completed at anytime and in anyplace;
  • The courses can be completed at a more convenient time than fixed delivery courses;
  • Courses can often be completed at your own pace;
  • They are generally cheaper than traditionally taught programs with many being offered for FREE;
  • They do not require regular travel commitments and costs;
  • They can be accessed globally;
  • Students are not required to sit in rows on hard plastic or wood chairs while someone talks at them for an allotted time period.

Traditional methods of educating learners does not take into account whether a learner has a headache; what level they are working at; what they already know (or don’t know); what speed they learn at; or how they learn.

Online courses can be designed to cater for individual learning styles and are finally beginning to change the traditional ‘one size fits all’ teaching methods with the use of technology and individually set and paced courses.

Although there are many courses and programs available online already, regulation and quality assurance is still limited and just like different schools, colleges and Universities some are good and some are not so good.

How do you know which courses are good and which ones are not?

You can read reviews of courses in glossy brochures and look at multiple ranking tables to get some information on a course, but these lists and tables do not exist for online courses. This is why we decided to put our teaching and course development experience to use by evaluating online courses so that you have the information you need to decide which course is best for you.

What we will be looking at:

  1. What types of courses are on offer by the provider.
  2. Course duration:
    • What is the average course duration?
    • What is the expected learner time/commitment required to complete the course?
  3. Course content:
    • What are the main subjects?
    • What is the level of the course?
  4. Course recognition:
    • Is the course officially recognized and accredited?
    • By who?
  5. Course requirements:
    • What does the course cost?
    • What are the pre-course requirements?
  6. Teaching and learning:
    • How is the course taught?
    • What is the student expected to do?
    • What support is available?
  7. Assessments:
    • How is the course assessed?
  8. What do you get on successful completion?

How will we answer these questions?

We decided that the best way for us to give our Clever Community valuable information on different online courses would be to sign-up for some of the courses ourselves. This would give us the chance to experience the course ourselves and report our experience directly to you through regular Clever Articles as we progress.

Keep a look out for our regular Clever updates and our course progress.

Coming next in our Online course review series: Challenge 1 – Find a suitable course and sign-up.

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