What is the meaning of life?

We start with the fact that you never seem to be able to get a clear answer to this question and then have to ask why this might be?

Perhaps there is no clear answer because there is no meaning to life – but we don’t believe this to be correct so we have to look further by applying some simple MakeMeClever.com logic.

The question is referring to a generalisation of the ‘meaning of life’ and perhaps there is no general answer covering all people and all life.

Continuing the line of thought that there is a meaning to life but there is no general answer then we have to look at the question its self.

Modern society has a fixation with trying to fit things into boxes that meet a specified criteria. This is mainly due to the need to compartmentalize data into ‘logic only’ computer systems when we live in a generally illogical and ever changing world e.g. people are commonlycompartmentalizedd based on a number of criteria:

Where you live;
The type of job you have;
Your income range;
Your nationality;
Your age…

…but perhaps there is no ‘one-size fits all’ statement that will give everyone a satisfactory answer to the ‘meaning of life’.

One size does not fit all.

Working with the belief that there is a ‘meaning to life’ and that it is not possible to give a generalised answer to the question then the answer must be personal and relate to each individual rather than the general population.

If there is no generalised answer to the question then we need to change the question to be more direct and personal.

Why do we believe the answer to be specific to each individual rather than general?

Because we are all individuals;
We act and react differently;
We think differently;
We look different.

We can go on with the list but it is clear that we are all individuals and it is not the external stimulus that puts meaning into our lives but our internal reaction to it which determines the meaning an event has in your life.

For example:

What makes one person laugh may make another cry;
Someone loves a person others may hate;
Some people like eating snails and some don’t.

We can go on with this list too but I think that we have enough to form our first conclusion:

To find the answer all you need to do is to simply change the question from a general question to an individual personalised question by asking yourself:

What puts meaning into your life?

The question now becomes personal and allows you to get your personal answer. All you have to do to find your answer to this question is to think hard about what puts meaning into your life. Here are some pointers to help you in finding the answer to your ‘meaning of your life’.

Think about all those things that:

Give your life value;
Give you those long lasting memories;
Give you good, warm feelings;
Make you happy;
Make you laugh and smile;
Makes you feel awake and alive.

What is it that you feel in your heart and really means something to you?

Is it work?
Is it your house?
Is it your golf clubs?
Is it your mobile phone?
Is it your designer clothes?

No, these are not the things that you will be remembering with a smile in 30 years time.

The Problem

The problem is that this is often what we are told gives meaning to our lives but these things only last for a short time and then they become worn, broken, out of date and eventually fail and although they may bring a smile to your face at the time they don’t actually raise those deep emotions that last with us forever.

This then raise the question of why we spend most of our working lives and energy collecting them but that is a different question to be answered another time.

The problem now is that you may not be able to think of what really puts meaning into your life and this is because you have been conditioned since you were born to believe that that the latest mobile phone, car, big house or promotion gives meaning to your life and you must have it!

Finding your meaning of life

You need to think about what you will look back on in 5, 10, 20 years time which will still give you a smile and a good feeling. If you can’t do that then look back over the past 10 years of your life and see what gave you positive feelings and meaning to your life.

When people have tried this before they are surprised to find that their most important life-long memories are not made up with memories of the daily worries, wins, losses or what someone did or did not say or the trinkets and baubles they have often worked so hard for.

The results of research suggest that items that gave true meaning to peoples life was always the same:


Money, work or the latest phone does not appear on the list but bringing love into your life and knowing that someone is there for you whether it is your dog, friends, partner or family is the ultimate way of putting meaning into your life so why do we spend so much energy accumulating money?

To find the answer to the meaning of life you simply need to find out “What puts meaning into your life” and then spend time getting more of it!

Do it nowOnce you have identified your main list of answers it is then easy to improve your life!

All you have to do is work out what gives true meaning to your life and concentrate on increasing those things and spend less time on things that don’t!

Does reading the newspaper or watching the morning news sadden and annoy you with its images of death and destruction and seemingly pointless additions to rules and regulations. What about watching a disaster movie or horror movie? Does this make you worry or be afraid or upset you or put you in a poor mood?

Then stop watching them or reading or listening to the news in the morning and have a better day!

If you want a better life then all you have to do is change yours – for the better!

Start putting meaning into your life NOW!


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