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How To Manage Tasks and Lead People

Interpersonal Excellence – Managing People and Developing Relationships

This video below is from projectmanager.com who claim that it is important to know the difference between management and leadership because you need to make use of both during your working day.

You Manage TASKS and you Lead PEOPLE.

Leaders must take care that they don’t spend too much time Managing and too little time Leading.

Project Management is very skills based. It is practical and logical – Producing estimates; calculating income; scheduling; telling people what to do etc.

With this approach, you are telling your team what to do and you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself as everyone is looking towards you for what to do next. They are also looking to you to solve all their problems and this can lead to some serious overload.

You are trying to do everything and you are not leveraging the skills and knowledge of your team.

Leaders are more about behaviours and attitudes. They inspire and motivate others by taking time to understand the individual and identify their strengths. They use this to inspire and motivate them.

Leaders also communicate their vision of the future which others want to be part of and to follow.

See the full 3.16-minute video How To Manage Tasks and Lead People below or visit projectmanager.com (External Link) for more.


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