Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship Level 3 UK

The skills you need to be a great team leader, supervisor or manager.

Is the Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship for you?

To be able to do this apprenticeship you must be employed in a suitable management role where you manage a team or project. Typical roles may be:

  • Team manager/leader;

  • Team supervisor/project supervisor;

  • Junior manager;

  • Shift Supervisor/manager

  • Foreperson.

  • In your position you must show that you are able to:

  • Support, manage and develop team members;

  • Manage projects;

  • Plan and monitor workloads and resources.

  • You may also take responsibility for delivering operational plans, resolving problems and building relations.


The recommended time to complete this apprenticeship is between 12-18 months.

Note: For those experienced practitioners wishing to complete this apprenticeship early, you will not be able to take your End Point Assessment within 12 months of your start date.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirement for the Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship is decided by each employer. Ideally this would be five GCSEs at Grade C or higher but there may be no prior requirements other than a clear desire and ability to complete the apprenticeship. Your employer will decide on the appropriate entry level based on their needs and your potential.

Note: All apprentices will need to achieve the following before they can complete the end point assessment.

  • Level 2 in English;

  • Level 2 Maths.

Subjects you will cover.

You will study a range of management techniques which you must apply to your role to help enhance others performance. Areas you will cover will include:

  • Leading and managing people;

  • Building relationships;

  • Communication;

  • Operational management;

  • Project management;

  • Finance and decision making.

The Gateway

This is the point when your provider and employer get together and decide whether you are ready to take your End Point Assessment (Final Assessment). There is no laid down structure for this meeting so it is important that you have a clear idea on how it will be decided when you are ready for the End Point Assessment.

The following are areas will be considered before an End Point Assessment can be considered:

  • Have you been on program for a minimum of 12 months;

  • Have you achieved Level 2 English and Math qualifications or above;

  • Have you been assessed against all of the knowledge, skills and behaviors;

  • Have you had the opportunity to take mock tests and practice interviews.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

The End Point Assessment for the Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship is made up of four components:

  • Knowledge Test using scenarios and questions;

  • Structured competency based interview;

  • Assessment of portfolio of evidence;

  • Discussion relating to Continuing Professional Development.

The End Point Assessment is carried out by an independent Apprentice Assessment Organization (AAO).

Each Apprentice Assessment Organization produces their own End Point Assessment (final exam). The Assessment Organization you are registered with, will provide guidance and sample / practice papers.

Clever Tip: Most assessments tend to repeat themselves (there are only so many ways you can ask a question). Make sure that you go through all the practice papers before taking your End Point Assessment.

End Point Assessment In More Detail

Structured competency based interview (Worth 30% of overall assessment.)

Knowledge and application of learning relating to:

  • Leading people;

  • Managing people;

  • Building relationships;

  • Communication;

  • Operational management;

  • Project management;

  • Finance.


Knowledge Test using scenarios and questions. (Written exam worth 30% of the overall assessment.)

You will be assessed on your knowledge and application of learning relating to:

  • Leading people;

  • Managing people;

  • Building relationships;

  • Communication;

  • Operational management;

  • Project management;

  • Finance.

Review of portfolio (worth 20% of overall assessment.)

Your portfolio of evidence will be reviewed by an independent assessor before your interview and professional discussion.

  • The review will check you have covered all the standards, and that your portfolio includes evidence of:

  • Regular reviews of performance between the apprentice and line manager;

  • Feedback from line manager, peers and direct reports;

  • A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log.

Interview and professional discussion (worth 20% of overall assessment.)

You will need to take part in an interview and professional discussion with an independent assessor. The interview will comprise a series of competency based questions put to the apprentice by the independent assessor. The questions will require you to draw on your experiences throughout your apprenticeship.

  • The professional discussion will focus on evidence of:

  • Continuing Professional Development;

  • Evidence provided in your portfolio;

  • Training and personal development activities and how you applied this to your role in the workplace.

Depending on your apprenticeship provider your interview and professional discussion may be conducted face-to-face, via video or teleconference or if necessary over the telephone.

You must pass EACH SECTION of the End Point Assessment to complete the Apprenticeship.

On-program Assessment

This will be agreed between the training provider and employer. It will give an ongoing indication of performance against the final outcomes defined in the standard. The training provider will help to prepare you for the End Point Assessment, including preparation for the interview, collation of the portfolio etc.

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