Success is within you

Success is within you.

We all start off with the same potential to be clever. We all have a sizeable amount of the stuff poured into us from the beginning to propel us through life.

When we are born we immediately put our cleverness to use to learn about everything around us. There is nothing that can stop our learning. When we are young we set off to learn about everything, we touch it, taste it and eat it!

Fear of failure

There is no fear, no such thing as failure, only success. Every attempt by a baby to walk is met by smiles and claps and encouragement and each of the many falls are forgotten. The falls are not seen as failures but as progress, practice, another step forward – babies never give up.

With this attitude, eventual success is guaranteed!

Then it all starts to change, we slowly begin to become self-conscious, shy, fearful and unwilling to try difficult things in case we fail or appear to be stupid in front of others. Failure changes from being a part of the learning process to something to be avoided.

We start to shy away from difficult things or make excuses and lose that careless confidence we had when we were young. Doubt and fear often prevents us from applying our full potential to achieving our goals and gaining the full success we deserve.

This is why I said at the beginning that we all have ‘potential’ cleverness. We all have the potential to be as clever as each other but the difference between each of us is how much we use it and how much we allow fear and doubt to control us.

Believe in yourself, don’t hold back and go for it. You can do it!

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