Simple steps to success.

It is very important to find the correct motivation to learn because having good motivation gives you a reason to concentrate and work hard. It helps to keep you going when things get tough. It also keeps your brain more receptive to the information being presented to you improving our ability to learn.

Younger learners are generally motivated by curiosity and exploring their environment but as we get older the motivation for learning changes.

Depending on our experiences and the support we get as we grow up learning often becomes associated with boredom. In some cases, learning may be seen as painful instead of interesting and exciting.

When learners do not have confidence in themselves or their ability then they are less able to cope with getting something wrong and will avoid learning as they are afraid of failure.

I hear the fear in learners all the time:

  • “ I’m not worried if I don’t pass, I didn’t try hard anyway”
  • “I’m not going to bother to revise, I don’t like the subject”
  • “The teacher was rubbish”
  • “My friends did not do well either”
  • “I’m not good with exams / essays / projects/ working in teams / working on my own…”

These statements are all excuses and are driven by a fear of failure. The people saying these think that… ‘If I don’t do well it won’t be my fault because I told everyone that I did not try hard’. These are all self-defeating and learners with this fear of failure may scrape a pass but nothing much else because they have already decided that they won’t do well in this subject.

If you hear yourself saying things like this then STOP IT now!

Failure is part of progress as long as you learn from it. Do you think Einstein got everything right the first time? 

Einstein took each failed attempt as a step towards getting the right solution in the end.

Being aware of any negatives that may be stopping you achieve your best. is a good place to start as this is a very important step in being successful.

Do it nowDo it NOW.

  • Listen to yourself to find out your thoughts are setting yourself up for failure.
  • Practice having a ‘can-do’ attitude and make your first big step towards ensuring you become more successful in every area of your life.
  • Do not fear failure, remember each failed attempt is one step closer to success.
  • Remember that you deserve the best – make sure that you are not the one stopping yourself from getting it.
  • Read on to find out about the importance of having a positive attitude to improve your chances of success…
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