Remembering passwords

Quick Tips – Passwords

Here are two quick tips for improving your pass code strengths and remembering passwords.

1. Turn off your computer or Pad or Smart Phones ‘Remember Password’ option.

Firstly this is safer for you if you ever lose your phone or computer and secondly, it means that you have to remember the password yourself. For a start, you may have to work hard to remember it but after logging on or registering it a few times you will soon have it safely locked into your memory.

Using your phone or computer to remember it for you will never get YOU to remember it!

2. I remember shapes better than I can numbers or passwords so why not use shapes for your bank card pin?

How about remembering the pin: 7415369563214789  could you remember that one?

Actually its really easy to remember and you can do it too – be ready to amaze yourself!

Just trace the letters ‘Me’ on a numerical pad you will get this number…Try it!

1       2      3             The letter M = 7415369

4       5      6                                  e = 563214789

7       8     9

…which means that you can have a long complicated pin that would be really difficult to break by using a simple letter or word which is really easy to remember!

Do you have any other Quick Tips for remembering passwords and codes? Tell us in the comments box, we would love to hear more.

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