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How your brain gets better at learning anything.

How to ‘grow’ your brain.

How build your super-highway to easy learning success.

road networkYour brain is similar to the road system of a busy city. Roads link different parts of the city together in a similar way to how different parts of your brain are linked by information highways. The vehicles travelling on different roads across a city are similar to the small pieces of information flowing to different parts of your brain.

To be lane-pixabay-broinable to learn quickly you simply need a way to get the right information to the right parts of your brain as quickly as possible.

The busy parts of your city/brain have a lot of traffic flowing through them and this is where the larger roads are built to enable the traffic to flow quickly and easily. The less used parts of the city/brain have smaller roads because they have less traffic flowing down them.

An area of a city is developed as it is put to more use in the same way that the brain develops with use.

As you increase use of a small road to a little used area of the city the route is increased in size so that it can carry the additional traffic and the brain works in exactly the same way. As the flow of information increases to an area of the brain the routes carrying the information grow and new connections are made along the route so that the information can be delivered to the right part of the city/brain quickly and easily. As a result your brain is able to carry more information to and from that area and process it quicker.

Your brain actually 'grows' new connections and becomes stronger and more efficient in this area.

JunctionThis happens as you learn something new and start to use a previously unused part of your brain. The result is that if you keep working at learning to do something your brain develops mental ‘super-highways’ to connect this new information to more commonly used parts of your brain so that you can process information quicker and handle much more information than before.

This is all pretty awesome but it gets much better!

At a later stage the flow of traffic increases to a point where a traffic management system is introduced and the flow of traffic is controlled automatically so that you don’t really have to think about it much any more – it has become a habit.

This means that when we begin learning something it may be difficult for a start but it gradually becomes easier until we don’t even have to think about it!

The problem is that many of us give up before our brain is able to form these superhighways and the learning becomes much easier.

Do it nowJust DO IT!

  • Start growing your neuro network now.


Exercise new area of your brain by doing something different.


    Read something new, go somewhere different, sit in a different seat, swap  your knife and fork over when you eat.


Keep practising and keep your brain growing!

Don’t give up, feel your brain growing and strengthening.

Yes it will get easier even automatic in the end.

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