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The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? We start with the fact that you never seem to be able to get a clear answer to this question and then have to ask […]

Control your mind

Take control of yourself

Understand how clever you are and what you are capable of and you will have the ability to achieve whatever you want. Having confidence in yourself is repeated throughout these pages because it is […]

who controls you

Who controls you?

For most of us there is a constant battle going on in our heads between ‘you’ and ‘your mind’ and most of us are not aware of it. You want […]

success is up to you

Success is up to you

Understanding that all achievement comes through your bodily activity and no one else’s will ensure that you take responsibility for your actions. This prevents you from blaming other people or things […]

Time for change

How to have a great day.

Get up earlier and make a plan for your day. Plan to make positive changes in your life, plan to make your day more fun, plan to make it more successful, plan […]

1936 Rolls Royce 20/25

Restoring Motivation 011

‘Restoring Motivation’ – Article supplied by ‘Vintageandclassiccars.co’ a 2016 Clever Company!’ Posted on MakeMeClever.com ‘motivation’. When restoring an old vehicle whether it is an old car, motorcycle, steam engine, or […]


Remembering passwords

Quick Tips – Passwords Here are two quick tips for improving your pass code strengths and remembering passwords. 1. Turn off your computer or Pad or Smart Phones ‘Remember Password’ option. […]

broken link

Your links to success.

If you are motivated then you want to do something and it drives you to get up in the morning and start reading class notes or business articles or to […]


Simple steps to success.

It is very important to find the correct motivation to learn because having good motivation gives you a reason to concentrate and work hard. It helps to keep you going when […]

I can attitude

Guaranteed Success – Attitude

Attitude We all have the same mental ability to develop our understanding and knowledge, but what prevents some of us from achieving their best is often their own attitude. People often […]


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