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Online course review: The Shaw Academy – Course Conclusion

There are so many online courses, how do you find which one is good for you? We continue our review the largest live webinar online course provider, The Shaw Academyand tell you all about it.

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The course soon settled into a happy routine with no more sound or log-in problems for me. Each webinar started with a routine welcome, sound check, summary of the previous lesson, items learned so far,  followed by and introduction to today's subject. There were also some comments and feedback on any class items submitted to Facebook.

The screen information and graphics were all good and the styles used were consistent throughout the course.

 Relevant, live examples were used during each session with websites being searched for and pulled up on-screen and commented on.

Each session was easy to follow, friendly and energetic which was down to the very good presenter for this course. Some interaction and joking kept things light-hearted and friendly.

There were some great examples of the Digital marketing ‘sales funnel’ which was being covered by this course. Many of us had not yet signed up for the next advanced level of the course and we were actually in the Shaw Academy sales funnel as they wanted us to sign up for full membership or further courses.

This fact was not hidden at all but exploited for the benefit of us being able to understand the sales funnel process better. I thought that this was a clever way to help us understand the process while also showing how open the Shaw Academy was.

Naturally, there was some push to get us to sign up for more courses with the usual discounts for loyal customers and motivational time limits too, but that is to be expected. I was even tempted to sign up to see what the advanced lesson had to offer.

 As a 30 day member, I did not automatically get a certificate but could purchase one.  The certificate was really a ‘certificate of completion,’ which would probably look pretty, but would not mean much if you were using it to apply for a job.

Having said that, this may change in the future as these courses become recognized for their quality and gain accreditation.

While we are on the subject of certificates, please remember that your Cleverness is not official until you subscribe to our Clever Newsletter, Clever Community or become a Clever Contributor. Naturally, the 'Official Cleverness Certificate' is a Globally recognized certificate and should not be missed out on.

 I could not resist adding that after completing the Digital marketing program by the Shaw Academy – clearly, the course worked!

Overall I was very impressed with the course. The clear, uncomplicated way it all worked. The excellent webinars. The carefully constructed content and friendly delivery were all put together to provide an excellent learning experience.

Well done Shaw Academy!

The prices are discounted through the links on these pages and are good value. The learning experience is also good. I cannot vouch for the other courses on offer, but from reading their reviews they also appear to be popular although self-promoted reviews will always be positive.

I recommend that you have a look at the numerous courses the Shaw Academy have on offer via the links on this page - and wish you happy learning!

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