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Leading People – Leadership Styles: Autocratic Democratic Laissez-Faire

This article from communicationskillscoach.com gives you valuable information on what a great leader is with a simpe explanation of the two main leadership styles of Autocratc and Laissez – Faire.

People use different leadership styles depending on their personality and natural preferences and also depending on the situation and type of people they may be working with.

For example,  leaders who would normally be very commutative and ask peoples opinions and gain consensus befor acting (Democratic Style) may be very action oriented and issue quick orders (Autocratic Style) when there is an emergency.

A good leader knows when to change their leadership style to match the people they are dealing with and the situation as there are advantages and disadvantages to all styles. A mix of styles will help you gain the advantage you need to get ahead.

See the full video below and visit communicationskillscoach.com  for more (External link).


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