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Job Interview – Clever ways to be a success. Pt1

The Internet is full of advice, good and bad, on how to ensure a successful job interview, but advice online can get to be too much.

Trying to take it all in, and use it all in a job interview, can make a person feel overwhelmed, nervous, confused, and sometimes, a little inadequate. Consequently, the advice might have the opposite effect from what was intended. Advice gurus often identify too many sides to the story. In truth, however, there’s only TWO sides to any job interview; your side, and the employer’s side.

These three Clever steps will help you understand the basics you need to know to prepare for your Job Interview.

KNOW YOURSELF … and don’t sell yourself short.

Many of us don’t realize how much we have to offer. We believe “if I can do it, everybody can do it,” so it’s not valuable. This is simply not true!

We all have attributes others only wish they had. There are hundreds of websites offering short journeys of self-discovery. Check a few out.

Get to know all the assets you have to offer an employer. You’ll be surprised to learn how valuable you are.


Research the company.

  • Learn what they promote on their webpage.
  • What’s the company’s mission statement?
  • How long has it been around?
  • Which areas/customers does it target?
  • How many branches are there?
  • Who/where are their competitors?

These are all things that YOU can mention in the interview to impress the employer.


Talk to others in the industry. Discreetly talk to customers or co-workers. Ask questions and try to find out:

  • How long has the interviewer been there?
  • What are their interests/likes/dislikes/achievements?
  • What interview questions are they likely to ask?

The answers to these questions will be helpful when you’re asked, “Do you have any questions for me?”

Most employers are disappointed to hear “no” to that question. They reason, if you really wanted to work here, you should be curious about the company, and maybe have a question or two about the company’s leaders.

Researching the two sides of an interview will help you achieve your objective in any job interview … reducing two sides to just ONE.

You want your interviewer to know that like them, you too are trying to secure a good employer/employee match. Their goals are your goals! You’re both on the same side, and together, you’ll make a Clever, unbeatable team!

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Clever Contributor: Terry Charles Camire;
Career Development Professional

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