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Improve your life today – Clever ways to be positive

Thoughts control everything that you do.

Thoughts control your actions, re-actions, energy levels and motivation and the good news is that you can change your thoughts to be more positive which means that you can change your life too!

It is simple.

All you have to do is start to remove the negative things that you think and do each day.

Its similar to not eating fatty foods if you want to get slim – you can do the same with your mind by cutting out the negatives!

Get your mind healthy and happy again.

Don’t read all the negative stories in the newspaper in the morning. If the news stories and articles make you annoyed, concerned or depressed this will effect you attitude for the whole day. Why not start on a positive with some good news.

Don’t watch horror movies before going to bed. These will set your mind into a negative state before and during your sleep. Is this really what you want to fill your mind with for a good relaxing night?

Don’t spend the day moaning about ‘your lot’ and keep away from other people who are negative.

Stop complaining about your life and start doing something about it.

Complaining does not actually achieve anything other than keeping the negative thoughts alive. As you complain to another person about your bad day you simply reignite all those negative thoughts and feelings all over again and what does it solve – nothing. The only thing it will achieve is removing the positive people from around you that you really need to give you positive ideas and energy.

Clever people act rather than re-act.

Clever people spend their time and energy searching for solutions rather than wasting it complaining about the situation. You can learn to have a positive outlook during your day and when you do you will be more open to ideas and suggestion and more likely to have a positive and successful day.

Do it nowGet up and plan some positive actions for the day – however small they may seem. Plan a positive day with things that you can look forward to.

Plan to do something different today;

Read a relaxing book or watch something on TV or listen to music that is enjoyable before you go to sleep;

Keep away from negative people.

If you are not happy about something, don’t moan. Use your energy to come up with some ideas to take positive action to make improvements.

Seek out positives in your life;

Spend your time and energy looking for feel-good things.

Author CW. Main image pixabay mvdsandie. Image 1 pixabay Alexas Fotos.

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