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How To Improve Your Concentration.

Being able to stop the chatter in your mind and concentrate on the one thing you want to learn is vital for your success in life.

When you really want to do something and you can put all your mental capacity into achieving it, you will find that you have hidden powers and you will be able to learn far more than you ever thought possible.

concentratePeople who can get this level of concentration are said to be ‘in the zone’. They are able to shut out all distractions and totally concentrate on the subject or activity to hand. This is how athletes reach the top of their discipline by focussing totally on what they are about to do.

The good news is that you have the power to fully concentrate too. But, as with most of us, you probably are not able to focus on one thing for long enough to get the results you want.

When you get distracted by your surroundings or by your own thoughts you are not able to fully concentrate and the laser-like power of concentration is lost. You may put in the same amount of effort but your mind is not fully with you and you do not get a deep impression of the subject you are studying and it is soon forgotten.

How To Improve Your Concentration.

Follow these simple tips and, with practice, you can improve your concentration and your chances of success in anything that you do.

Do It Now!Do it now

1. Make sure that you are in the right setting to study and have all that you need. Change your location to a place where you have more chance of concentrating if you need to.

2. Know when you are most receptive to learning. Some people study best in the early morning, afternoon or night. We are all different, so it is important to know when you are in the right mood to study. If your mind is thinking of something else then either go and sort that out first, make a plan to do it at another time so that you can stop thinking about it or change your study habits/time.

3. Make regular time slots for learning and prepare yourself both mentally and physically to study. Keeping your study times regular will help your brain get used to the time slots and get you quickly into the habit of learning. 

4. Before you begin just spend a minute to quiet your mind. Decide what you want to do during this study session. This will help to prepare you mentally for the session ahead and set goals to congratulate yourself on.

5. Practice concentrating on one thing during the day. Some people suggest that meditation helps train the mind for better concentration but you don’t have to go that far. Just try concentrating on something for a set amount of time each day.

This will help to train your mind to be quiet and concentrate on one thing so that you can use this when you are studying.

6. Divide tasks into manageable sections and concentrate on achieving each one one-by-one. This will give you a shorter period to concentrate for and give you a feeling of success as each small step is achieved. Helping to keep you motivated to concentrate further.

7. Use study music to help calm your mind and improve your levels of concentration. It’s not for everyone but it does help to cut out any distracting noise.


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