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How To Be A Good Leader

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Leading People

How To Be A Good Leader

This article from  scienceofpeople.com gives you some great pointers on what a great leader is and then gives useful insights into ‘How’ to be that leader.

Areas include:

1 Law of the Lid:

A leader’s influence is limited by their skills.

2 Law of Influence: 

Everyone has the potential to lead because all you have to do is influence people about the things you’re passionate about.

3 Law of Process:

Leaders must be constantly engaged in the learning process in order to remain relevant and effective.

4 Law of Solid Ground (Trust): 

The leader people could trust had the most positive impact on peoples lives.

5 Law of Respect:

The Law of Respect states that people naturally respect and follow leaders who rank higher than them on the leadership scale.

6 Law of Connection:

Show your people that you care by offering to help them, being genuinely interested in them as people and listening to their feelings and ideas.

7 Law of the Inner Circle:

No one succeeds alone.

8 Law of Magnetism:

Become the type of person you want to build relationships with.

9 Law of Empowerment:

True leaders have the confidence to empower, rather than dominate people.

10 Law of the Picture:

Not only do leaders have a clear vision, they also communicate it so their followers understand the big picture.

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