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Goals are Good But Be Ready To Accept Change

It is always a good idea to set long-term goals and stick with them but you must also be sure that you do not focus on them too closely as you may shut out other opportunities that come along.

Keeping your goals flexible will make sure that you do not miss out on other opportunities along the way.

Think of your goal as if you were on a yacht setting a destination. You have the last port in mind but to make the best progress you will need to take advantage of the wind flowing around you and the tides pushing you in different directions.

To reach your destination you will probably have to change you’re heading more than once. 

It would be pointless if you continued to battle against a strong headwind and unhelpful tide. If you do this you may never reach your destination or end up so tired from battling the elements that you give up. Life works in a similar way. It is never as straightforward as you want it to be so be ready for a change of direction now and then. There will always be distractions, delays, diversions that you will have to navigate before you reach your destination.

The path to your final goal is never as straight forward as you first thought.

Engage your personal GPS

By keeping your goal constantly in mind and actively working towards it you, your subconscious mind will automatically begin to help you by searching for ways to make it happen. Your subconscious mind works like a silent GPS system searching for the things that will get you where you want to be and it will continue to look out for things even when you may not be.

Have you ever noticed that when you are interested in something specific, say a certain type of car, you will suddenly start to notice more of them even though you may not have seen any before? This is because your subconscious mind knows that you are interested in that type of car so it works in the background searching for anything to do with them and when it sees something it brings it to your attention. Pretty amazing eh!

If you keep your goal flexible and you stay open to some changes on the way then you are sure to end up where you want to be.

Do it now Release your sub-conscious brain power now by setting goals and thinking big!

Be flexible in your approach and be ready for a change in the wind.

Believe that you can achieve all you want and start to look for opportunities to prove it.

Stop working hard at being average and start working hard at being awesome.

Look out for the opportunities that come your way.

Believe in yourself, plan, learn, practice and work at achieving your goal every day.

Always remember that: ‘any form of achievement comes about through ACTION’, so stop just thinking about it and start doing it.

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