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We all start off with the same potential to be clever. We all have a sizeable amount of the stuff poured into us from the beginning to propel us through life.

When you were born you immediately put your cleverness to use to learn about everything around you. There was nothing that could prevent you from learning. You were simply a ‘learning machine’ and you set off to learn about everything, looking at things, touching and even tasting everything around you!

There was no fear, no such thing as failure, only success. Every attempt you took to walk was met by smiles and claps and encouragement even when you fell down. Each fall you had was not seen as a failure but as progress. Practice, another step towards success – with this attitude success was guaranteed!

Then it all started to change. You were told that you could do better. You were compared to others. You were graded, banded, restricted. Your freedom to move around and learn all you could was restricted to hard chairs and set times. You slowly began to become self-conscious, shy, fearful and unwilling to try difficult things in case you failed or looked stupid in front of others.

Failure changed from being a part of the learning process to something to be avoided.

This is a great tragety for us all and we learn to shy away from difficult things or make excuses and lose that careless confidence we had when we were young. Doubt and fear often prevents us from reaching our full potential and having all the success we deserve.

Your brain changes from the hungry learning machine you enterd this world with, to become the fearful, self-conscious brain you probably live with today.

We all have the potential to be as clever as each other but the difference between each of us is how much we use our potential and how much we allow fear and doubt to restrict us.

Believe in yourself, don’t hold back and go for it.

You can do it!

Do it now


Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Know that you have already mastered, speech, reading, walking and many other super complex things and that you are already really amazing.

Don’t fear failure. See it as part of the learning process and keep at it.

Don’t give up because someone else puts you down – they may not want you to succeed!

Author: CW

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