clever cake

Cleverness is a piece of cake!

When you cannot bake a cake you may think that those that can are very Clever but, once you learn how to bake a cake, you may think that it is easy and not so clever at all.

The same elusive Cleverness applies to getting a degree. While you are working away you will think that all those people who already have their degree are very Clever. When you get your degree you will feel very good about yourself and probably very Clever too but, later you will meet other people with a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate and suddenly they are the clever ones, not you. 

This means that being ‘Clever’ is actually a very personal thing.

You are already very Clever at many things but your mind is always looking for more and, it has a terrible tendency to quickly forget the amazing skills you already have.

You may think that a baby is very clever for saying their first word but compared to you it’s not clever at all!

You never get to a place where you think “That’s it, I am clever now.”

The important point is that you do not get to a place where you think “That’s it, I am clever now.” This is because the more you learn about something the more you realize there is to it and how little you really know about the subject.

We all want to be Clever. We want to be able to do something we cannot do, or we want to be better at something so, when you say you want to be Clever you are really saying that you want to be better at something so that you are more successful and happier in life.

You have all the ingredients to be Clever at anything and, it is a pretty simple recipe. Just like learning how to bake a cake, all you need to do, first, is a little research to find out how to it and what you need. This can be as simple as reading a cookbook, watching a video or learning from someone else.

The second part is simply practicing, and possibly accepting that your first sunken cake is part of learning and try again until you get it right.

Do it now Remember that you are already capable of many things and are already very clever and skilled.

You ARE able to keep learning and developing so don’t shy away from trying something new.

Learn all you can from different sources.

Practice, practice, practice.

Don’t let failure stop you – keep trying.

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Author: CW. Main Image Pixabay engin_arkyurt
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