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A successful career or business is not a result of chance.

Research, development, cooperation, collaboration, testing, application, review, research... It is a never ending cycle and those who stop are soon left behind as other companies with improved, skills, products and services, quickly surpass them.

It does not matter whether it is a multi-national company, or an individual employee, new knowledge and adaptability are both key to a successful business life.

Great success can be achieved by everyone if they know how to awaken their full Cleverness. Our Clever Articles from around the world give you the insights and skills you need to reach your full potential. 


We believe in you!


Cleverness at Work Articles

job interview

Job Interviews Top Tip

Following on from our Clever Contributor and Career Development Professional, Terry Charles Camire we think that this Clever video gives some good advice for Clever Job Interviews. Click to see […]


How to be a good leader.

How to be a good leader?The business world is awash with articles on what makes a good leader so we thought that we would stop all the theorizing and get to […]


Curiosity is good for you.

The saying goes that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ but in these modern days curiosity and careful questioning is needed to peel back layers of sensationalism and hype to get to […]


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